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  1. Don't know how I missed you back in the days. I'm thoroughly impressed.
  2. Well, instead of superheroes, I've done some other things, one of which I've wanted to do since way back: Gundam Wing's protagonist Heero Yuy. One of my all time favorite characters of the franchise. Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect, she's my favorite romance and namesake for my cat. :D The swirly pattern looks awesome, but breaks the 16-bit restriction. Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition, with his Fen'Harel outfit. I've made the pelt a bit fuzzier than it originally appears to be. I'm not really satisfied, because of the shoulder plate and that I couldn't fit him into the box. But right now, I feel like I could only make him worse.
  3. Thank you for the compliment, I guess the only real issue I have is his eyes. They're close to his original design, but don't quite fit the GBA-era style. Also, here's something I had lying around half finished for a while: This isn't supposed to be a specific incarnation of Batman's outfit, but merely something I was toying around with. I was trying to find a design that looks good in FE-style. If I've got the time, I might try my hand on some more superheroes.
  4. Well, I'm back again, this time with another project I've wanted to do for a long time. FE9's Lord Ike is my favorite version of him, so I wanted to give it a shot. Again, I'm not 100% satisfied, but then I rarely am when I'm trying to translate something to 16-bit style. Oh, and a teaser for my next project:
  5. First, here's Volug with a different skin tone: Second, another character I wanted to give a shot for a long time: Frankly, Black Knight was annoying, simply because his armor is too big for GBA regulations, and second because his proportions didn't make sense. His helmet was originally way too small to fit over a head, so I drew the general design over a fitting face and then drew everything as full custom while adjusting the proportions. Shading's not perfect, might adjust it later on.
  6. Well, this one's been lying around for the last few months, and I wanted to finally finish him. He's not completely done, as the hair's not ideal, and his skin tone should be a bit more reddish, but he's in a state in which I'm content to show him. His eyes were probably the most difficult thing to sprite, since in his original artwork they are a lot more expressive than is possible to accurately portrait with just a few pixels, but I guess I got as close as I could. Also, it seems we've broken through over a 30k views since I first started this thread 10 years ago, so I just wanted to thank everyone who dropped by every now and then to take a look at this mess. I hope that I could entertain you for a bit and perhaps made you say with a grin: "Hey, that one's not so bad."
  7. Correct, it's supposed to be Hasha no Tsurugi protagonist Al before his promotion. Another project I wanted to do since my early days: Persona 4's Yu Narukami, voiced by my favorite american voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch. At first I tried to make him look like his original artwork, but then I changed a few things to make him look more FE-like. Hair is still kinda messy though.
  8. Again, something I wanted to do for a long time: I'm not exactly content with the fur part, might redo it in time. But I like how it turned out overall. Not saying who this character is... I shouldn't have to, if I did it right. Who wants to take a guess?
  9. Reporting back with a few sprites, would be glad about CnC: This is Georg, father of Hartmut and his brothers. He was a genius who was really ahead of his time, and created many things that gave humanity an edge over the dragons during the Scouring. I wanted him to look a bit like a sympathetic Desmond. And here's Melitha (or Militha, depending on the translation), a priestess of Naga, Hartmut's later wife and mother of his firstborn. Some people may know her from her short appearances on FE: Hasha no Tsurugi. Potential thief character for my Scouring project. I took inspiration from a side character from the Anime "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress". A little side project of mine. I wanted to see how much I could improve my old characters, some may remember Siegfried, one of two protagonists of my 10-year old project "The Lord of Hatred" (which was practically finished, story, sprites, dialogue... just needed someone knowledgeable about Event Hacking). Left is the very first version from about 11 years ago.
  10. Thanks for the compliment. I've been trying to implement some of the criticism I've received, here you go. I tried to make Idunn's jawline less jagged and softened it up, making it a bit rounder and her a bit younger. Here I swapped the gold of her clothing with the color of her headgear, but it didn't amount to much. Also, I tried to add a bit of hair, to enhance the feeling of wind. Tweaked his hair a bit more, so it looks less like a mess. It's not perfect yet, but better. And here comes the main event: Hartmut got a class up! It just didn't seem right that he would stay a Wildling (?) after becoming leader of men, so I had him advance to Champion. Alternatively, here's a version without a cape and his original color scheme. And here a version with Zephiel's palette.
  11. Yeah, it's Nergal. I wanted him to be a bit more attractive then that measly cg-picture before his "accident". Also, I finally finished something I wanted to do for a long time: a sprited full-custom-self-portrait, based on this picture of mine. I once tried something similar with my wedding pic, didn't turn out nearly as good.
  12. Depends on the project. Most likely yes, but I'd like to see what it's about first, and I'd have to do the frames. @KratosAurion: Aenir: I agree about the shoulder, I tried to use Marisa's pose, but it doesn't really seem to work out. I didn't really intend to make her look angry, the "long" face was more or less intentional, as I wanted to portray her a bit older than her children, as she was a full grown dragon, but I guess I kinda missed it. Idoun: I'll give it a shot and upload it again. Naga: Will try it out. Also, moving a bit away from the Scouring Dragons, but not too far: Who wants to guess which known character this is as a young man?
  13. So I continued to work on important people during the Scouring, focusing on Dragons this time: This is supposed to be Aenir, Ninian's and Nils' mother. I tried to capture the essence of Ninian's design, but it didn't work out the way I intended. I'll have to redo her in time. This was more of a little experiment on the side, because Jahn confused me. One time he calls her just a girl, then he says little girl, but since she's a dragon, thus hardly aging, and was sealed away until the events of Binding Blade, she shouldn't have grown from a girl into a woman. So I tried to find out how she could have looked like, before she was captured: making her eyes slightly bigger to make her seem a bit younger, and changing her hair color to match that of Fa, since they're both divine dragons. Though I'd like to hear your opinion, how you believe she could have looked like? My personal favorite this time. Naga, goddess of dragon- and mankind. Elimine was her human priestess, but as Naga led the dragons away from Elibe following the war and the events of the Ending Winter (which I believe could have caused the interdimensional event that caused Dragons to go feral), she left it to Elimine to be mankind's spiritual leader. Centuries later, people forgot that she even existed, and when they spoke of the goddess only thought of Elimine. I think I really nailed the look on her face I had in mind: graceful, warming, gentle, like a loving mother. I took inspiration from Nagi, Tiki, and Naga's only appearance, though I tried to make it fit to GBA-style.
  14. Thank you, I'll try it out next time ^^ Also, since my longtime FE obsession is the Scouring, I finished another sprite related to this theme: Bahamut, the most powerful fire dragon, Jahn's superior during the war as well as the leader of all dragons during the Scouring. He is credited to have stolen Idunn's soul and broken her will to make her his obedient slave, the Demon Dragon. At least, this is my take on the leader of the dragons.
  15. Just dropping something here, because I continued my "Young Eight Heroes 2.0" series: Bramimond: I guess I was a bit inspired by the Persona 5 Protagonist while spriting him. I think of him as a very quiet guy, mainly because most people just don't understand what he's talking about, and he doesn't like it when they look at him like he's some kind of alien, which is also the reason he treasures the friendship with Athos very much. Durban: Durban is also silent most of the time, but he just doesn't give much of a shit about people, and would rather be fighting someone. He's probably the only other member of the Heroes that gets along with Bramimond, because he's very passionate about polishing his skills, and he's traveling down a similar road as him, which will eventually lead them to an unpleasant place. Elimine: I'm not sure what I shall make of her. Even though this version is touched up in every aspect, as well as being closer to her only existing artwork, I somewhat like her first version a bit more. Hanon: I'll admit, I'm a bit proud of her. Though her design is inspired by famous Sacae members, her whole clothing is custom made, and it looks pretty neat. She's a bit androgynous, a bit of an inside joke (you know, because she was mistranslated as being male). Hartmut: Changed his eyes (again), because I wanted to replicate the intense stare he had in the FE6 manga, and to make him a bit more similar to Zephiel and Desmond. Though I think that this finally suits him. Roland: I updated his hair and changed his facial proportions so that he looks a bit more like his sprite from FE7. and I think I captured his mischievous personality that I felt coming from his ghostly counterpart. So yeah, that's it. Barigan and Athos are fine as they are, I would say, so I didn't do anything new with the (you can see them a bit above). Though I still have some more WIP sprites from the Scouring project I didn't finish so far, but they're not ready yet for presentation. By now, I got a pretty cool idea about the whole story, state of the world, origins of the Sacred Weapons, the Fire Emblem and the Binding Blade, as well as tying the whole mythology to the greater world of FE. I hope I someday can finish this whole thing.
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