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  1. Anyone know where I might find map sprite rips from Fire Emblem 4? Can't seem to find them anywhere if anyone has taken the time to rip them.
  2. The second. Literally the one made by PrimeFusion but not formatted for GBA rom hacks.
  3. Looking for a custom GBA axe cavalier animation sheet that isn't formatted for GBA rom Hacks. In other words, just each frame by itself. If anyone can direct me please do.
  4. That's unfortunate. Was really surprised not to find any rips of those tilesets. I'm sure they're around somewhere. Thanks for this though, I'll probably play around with it.
  5. Can't seem to find any ripped assets from Fire Emblem 5. I'm particularly looking for tilesets. If anyone knows where I can find these and could point me in the right direction please do. I plan to take these assets and scale them to be used in SRPG Studio. Always loved the art of 5.
  6. Is there an official web site or topic treed or something for this project? I mean there is the Immortal Sword web site but that's more focused on the actual game, which is really interesting by the way. Wondering if there is something out there that'll keep me updated on the project primarily. Also is there any news of it being released this year? Or does more time need to be taken.
  7. I have also made an experiment game, this program makes it incredibly easy to make fire emblem like games once you get the hang of it. I'm happy to see someone else enjoying this program as much as I am.
  8. I have not figured out how to translate this part either. For now there does not seem to be a way to do so. In the game it's self that is. I'll let you know if I find a way to translate this.
  9. As of right now there is no rescue or pair up mechanics but are possible thanks to scripts. Tho I am not sure where to find per made scripts from fans nor do I know how to make them atm. If I find out I'll be sure to tell you.
  10. Hello, my name is FEChamper on the internet. But in the real world my name is Spencer, I am a 16 Year old from Canada (Eh) and have a love and passion for Fire Emblem. Which is what the "FE" in my name stands for (Oh wow what a shocker!) I love playing AND making fire emblem games, however I am fairly new to the hacking scene. Uh... That's bout it... I mean... I'm not a very interesting person unless you want to know about my personal life but hahaha you don't. :D So hey!
  11. It should be quite easy. If you don't know how to access the term editor go to the third tab on the top of the program and go down the the forth last option there. You can translate all the Key words such as Strength, Skill, Shop, Village, Ect. Their should be an English code word under it, making it easy to put in and translate. Then all of your states, menus, and almost everything else you need to make your game in English. Hope this helps. If you run into a problem I'll be glad to help as best as I can. I have come quite experienced with the editor for the little time I have had it. Enjoy!
  12. I have played with the program and have translated a few things (Not direct translations, Just what each thing does written in English) https://twitter.com/BlazerFEX/status/597856967768481792 This is inside the event page, where you make your characters talk to each other and what not through text. https://twitter.com/BlazerFEX/status/597859224874405888 This is where you make events, such as scripted battles or when the chapter ends. Just a bit I have picked up from the program, hope this helps some people out. I know more then this but I was having so much fun with the program I forgot to write down the rest, and I just have it stored in my head. I'll translate other pages I know if anyone wants. EX. Resource page, Unit page, ect.
  13. The Term Editor can basically translates the entire In Game. Tho the editor is still in Japanese and hard to use. You will have to do a LOT of experimenting to found out what each bottom or menu does. I suggest jotting it down in a word document or taking a screen shot and writing what it does next to it. I have gotten the bare basics of the program. Maybe I'll make a post on my current knowledge or wait until I learn more.
  14. After playing around with the program I have discovered there is a term editor that you can easily translate many Key words such as "Attack" or "Continue" inside the program. Under each display word (The Japanese word that shows in the game) there is a English code word, Basically you just write what's under each Japanese word and you have a partly translated game. This will take some time to edit and you will have to do it over again every new project but makes the experience easier until a fan translation comes out.
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