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  1. You and me both. I don't get why some people are so damn overly sensitive.
  2. I looked it up, and I can't find any source that states that "Oboro" is even a possible male name. So unless IS is ignoring that, I think we can safely assume Oboro is a woman. Other than that, looking forward to Thursday.
  3. Hell yeah! On another note, I really do like Kagerou. But I also want to see just what kind of character Blonde McGrinChin is. I get the vibe that he's striving to be heroic, brave, and strong, but in reality is a coward that won't hesitate to take credit for something he didn't actually do.
  4. It's not likely, but Conqueror? He is invading Hoshido after all.
  5. Surprised, sure. Making a bigger deal out of it than what it actually is? Not neccessary. Thank you.
  6. If it wasn't for the 6 months time gap between releases (AND likely another 2-4 months for the European version...) I will most likely spoil myself. If they had announced the western release for December 2015 on the other hand... things would've been different.
  7. Yes, because she was forced into it... <.< It's a character. And I doubt we'll see much "crotch shots", if any, really. It's just a game. The artstyle is amazing - not sure what you're on about.
  8. ...Am I the only one who actually has no problems with the designs and doesn't use the old games as a measure of standards? Honestly, if we did that, characters in the future would be stale and odd-looking, especially since when a game takes place in a different time and, well, place. Sure, Camilla's cleavage window is a bit uneccessary, but who cares? And I'm surprised at how people can have a problem with Hinoka's design. Lastly, I suppose my favourite has to be: Hoshido: Linca Nohr: Marx and Gunter
  9. Began to look around and I have yet to find a source that states that Oboro is even possible as a male name. So I'm 99% certain that Oboro is a woman.
  10. I am loving the support Linca/Rinka is getting in the comments.
  11. We don't even know if marriage is back. But if it is, then maybe. Would be cool.
  12. I suppose some people like Seo and FierceRagnar are just overly sensitive.
  13. Absolutely. An no exceptions either! It's the highest rated game to date (what was it, like 15+?) and you're supposed to suffer the consequences when picking a side, yeah? Would't really be much of a difference regarding choosing a side if everyone gets away unharmed.
  14. I know this thread is about Camilla, but am I the only one who's more interested in the non-royal-family characters as possible romances? Like, Rinka/Linca, or Kazahana, or Tsubaki. Or Elfie or the blue-haired cavalier on the Nohr side, to name just a few. I wouldn't mind if you could s-support Camilla. But I also wouldn't mind if you couldn't.
  15. Having to wait, and then get told by someone like shadowofchaos, who knows japanese and doesn't have to wait, to "be patient, you're just impatient, you should be glad there's only a couple of extra months wait-time" is a downright slap in the face. He doesn't even need to have patience, so who the actual f**k is he to tell others that they can't be frustrated? Meiyu raised a valid point - we are excited for the game. That's why it's even more frustrating when year, after year, after year, after year, Europe will have to wait even longer, knowing that during that period of time, Japan and N.A are playing the game already. This "Rey" fellow or whatever shouldn't tell others to be patient when he's not the one who has to wait. Always easy to tell others what to do, yeah? I'm not even saying that Europe should get the game first - I just wish it could be released in the west the same time as N.A.
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