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  1. Congrats on the team. Wish I could play this as well but my 3ds is at 9.7 and Cubic Ninja prices are so expensive these days.
  2. Now that it is confirmed that you can romance your adopted Nohr siblings... Nohr FemKamui: Marx, Leon or Zero Hoshido FemKamui: Suzukaze or Tsubaki Neutral FemKamui: Joker or Cyrus I considering Takumi or Ryouma but there's a possibly that they are blood related so probably play it once to check if they are so.
  3. I agree. We need people to calm down for a moment. It is not clear what the whole picture is so there's no need to push down your opinion upon others when all info are not clearly proven. Of course, we are discussing on what we know so far. There is still a possibility that it a midway reveal on the Hoshido path. Afterall, if an author reveal the twist in their story would people still bother to read their book?
  4. I'm hoping they won't remove it since they are not really blood related.I'm quite happy that we could S-rank Leon and Marx. XD
  5. I really don't support incest but if in anyway, it was reveal that Kamui is not really blood related to neither families my options becomes wider. XD
  6. I'm still hoping. But it's better that we don't get our hopes up. Why must Marx and Leon so out of reach. ;(
  7. I might consider it. I usually play as my own gender when there is an option. So far, none of the female appeal much to me.
  8. Other features like gameplay and to whom can we S-Rank Kamui with are perfectly fine with me. Once I know the essentials, I will flee from any story related topics so I do hope that topic creators would be so kind and aid those who would like to avoid story related events by putting on a warning on their topic titles. C:
  9. I prefer Marx as well. I wish S-ranking them would be possible. C: I guess we will find out once it is release next week. You got a point as well. I guess it's unfair for those who want to marry Kamui's siblings. I really want to pair up my unit with Ryouma and Takumi but oh well... At least there are Silas, Jacob, Zero and Tsubaki, which I hope S-rank are possible.
  10. I'm still hoping that we could S-rank him. I mean, they are not blood related and it's like having a childhood friend that grew up with you.
  11. I voted Hoshido at first but Leon, Marx and Zero are really tempting me to go over the Nohr side. xD Oh well, I still have more time to decide which side I would first play so I'm not much of a hurry.
  12. I want to name Kamui with a Western name before but when it was known they are from the Hoshido side, I have decided to name them with Japanese name instead. I haven't decided yet but I'll probably decide one or two months before the NA release. C: Sor far, I like Chiharu,Chiyo and Izumi for female names while Chiaki or Minoru for male.
  13. Thank you so much for the hard work. Now time to read them!
  14. Nohr file: Leon or Marx, if that is possible. Zero as my backup. XD Hoshido file: Suzukaze I'm also considering Silas and Jakob since they are available on both versions if I remember correctly.
  15. I'm hoping for a release window as well. I want to plan out my expenses in advance especially that I'm planning to go on a vacation next year, which will cost a lot. >_<
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