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  1. This is not really a problem regarding ROM hacking, but i figured that someone hear would understand my situation. I'm making a 2-player Fire emblem game where players use 4 units around a premade map and move around increasing their stats and abilities. They then can attack the other player's units and try to defeat them in battle. While thats all well in good, i have a hard time trying to find a good map maker to use for this case scenario. Since the images im using for units are too big for a 16x16 grid, i had to upscale the grid size to make it 20x20. However considering the map makers online are meant for ROM hacking, 16x16 is standard, so the tiles are not meant to be upscaled like that. Furthermore, since im thinking about using a txt file to keep track of terrain, i am unaware of how to alter the map image into a eligible txt file. Help would be appreciated. P.S this is the map im trying to use
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