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  1. First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the best place to post this. I'm new to the forums, (I've lurked for a long time but never posted anything) so if I should put this somewhere else just let me know and I'll move it. Thanks. So I decided I wanted to try modifying FE4 in nightmare, and there are several things I want to do. However, I'm not sure how to do them, or even if I can at all. I'm going to try and think of as many questions as possible so that I don't have to update every time something new occurs to me. First of all, I want to make all of the Holy Weapons, with the exception of Gungnir and Loptyr, usable by the player. However, I want to do it in a somewhat realistic way. As in, I don't want a character to just randomly have the Helswath or Valflame in their inventory right off the bat for no reason. That's where the tricky part comes in. Messing with Holy Blood and inheritance is easy, but the game doesn't even give you the Holy Weapons that no one in your party should be able to use, for obvious reasons. So, this question has 3 parts. First, can I make it so that the minibosses will drop their holy weapons? For example, Langbalt with the Helswath in chapter 5? I went into his character data and tried to make it his dropable item, but it doesn't seem to be an option. If I'm able to do this, can I make it sellable, just in case the wrong character kills him? And if I'm not able to do these things, is it possible to put it in the proper character's inventory after the boss is dead? If someone could direct me to a way to do any of these things, I'd be very grateful. And that's all I can think of for right now. If I run across any other issues, I'll update. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I should probably mention that if I have to use a program other than Nightmare, I'm willing to do that. Keep that in mind.
  2. I'm just about to start chapter 10 and I thought I'd give you some suggestions on the hack. First of all I have to say I really like it. The characters all feel compelling and I like how a lot of them get a lot of screen-time. The chapters are really well designed and a lot of fun. Still I would be lying if I said it wasn't flawed. The most glaring issue I've noticed is that you really like increasing difficulty in bullshit ways, to be frank. I can understand why putting fog of war over a map can be a lot easier than actually thinking about enemy placement, but this doesn't seem to be an issue for you. There are plenty of chapters that are difficult in fair ways and are lots of fun because of it. My favorite chapter (aside from a major issue which I'll talk about in a second) is chapter 9. The enemy placement is really well done, there's some nice anti-turtling incentives that are harsh enough to push you forward, but not harsh enough to seem unfair. It's really telegraphed but because of the initial enemy placement it can still be difficult to get across the bridges in time. It is, to put it simply, a masterpiece of a chapter, and you should be proud of that. Compare that to chapter...4, I think? The one where you get Melainie. Is it really my fault that I died because there was an archer that I simply could not see coming? Add on the bandits going for villages and we have a paradox on our hands. The bandits encourage fast play but the FoW encourages slow play, creating a very dissatisfying experience where you're forced to rush forward with your fastest, most powerful unit and pray. It's not fun. Same turn reinforcements, while not too common, should not exist at all. Period, end of story. They add nothing except an unfair reset. Possibly the king of them all is the aforementioned major problem in the otherwise perfect chapter 9: The fact that the boss, with no warning, will move off of his throne, which is something that almost never happens in the series. A quick snippet of vague dialogue is not enough to prepare anyone for that. There are other ways to increase difficulty, and you seem to be a master at them so I don't see the need for these unfair methods. There are other things but they're small in comparison, and this comment is already huge. Just keep up the good work! You have a real talent and you're making good use of it.
  3. This hack is awesome! I'm only 5 chapters in and I'm loving it so far. I have a suggestion, though. Some kind of map would be nice. It should certainly be low on your priority list since things like, you know, finishing the game are more important, but it's something I would love to see in the final version. It gives a good sense of where things are in the world. I love the characters and story so far. Tero and Malanie are my personal favorites as of right now. I saw the video that Ghast uploaded asking for people to help out, and if you don't already have enough, I'd be willing to help with the writing. I'd like to finish the existing chapters first so I can have good context, but once I do that I'd be happy to help out. On an unrelated note, any chance I could get some growth rates. I'm considering benching Ivari and I would like to see his strength growth.
  4. Yeah, I've heard. Personally I'm not opposed to Phoenix Mode since it's optional, but no weapon durability really pisses me off. Still, If hype.
  5. take a look at my profile and feel free to friend request me. I'm just a guy who loves me some Fire Emblem.
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