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  1. Been a while since I updated this. 1. Eldigan 2. Reinhardt 3. Azura (Perf. Arts) 4. Oscar 5. Seliph 6. Ike (Vanguard) 7. Ike (regular) 8. Black Knight 9. Zelgius (currently my signature hero) 10. Elincia 11. Young Tiki 12. Katarina 13. Fjorm 14. Lucina (Brave Heroes) 15. Cordelia 16. Merric 17. Nowi 18. Delthea 19. Robin (M) 20. Lute 21. Chrom (Spring event) 22. Nino 23. Soren 24. Lissa (Summer event) 25. Leon 26. Roy Working on raising Michalis or Gerome to 5*, but that's still a grind yet.
  2. Addendum if you're still doing this: Adjust the Devil Axe's might to 25.
  3. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin Pull Me Under - Dream Theater Painkiller - Judas Priest Even Flow - Pearl Jam Freya - The Sword Two of Spades - Ensiferum First Kill - Amon Amarth Take Five - Dave Brubeck 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - Johann Sebastian Bach I Appear Missing - Queens of the Stone Age Astral Body - Between the Buried and Me Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones Yeah, it's pretty evident that I listen to a bit of everything...
  4. FE6: I find Dieck and his past as an Etrurian pit fighter fascinating. His friendship with Klein is a pretty great example of friendship crossing class boundaries. The fact that Pent and Louise allowed such a correspondence (probably due to Dieck saving Klein's life) exemplifies their compassion as well. FE7: Maybe it's the scholar in me, but I find Canas intriguing. FE8: Marisa, because shy sword waifu.
  5. FE6: Roy tended to need them the most. He's dead weight until promotion, after which the added boosts turned him into a bona fide beast. FE7: Nino because Afa's Drops + everything else turned her into a tiny adolescent nuke. FE8: Franz because he tends to need a leg up stat-wise.
  6. Well, shit, I'm not at liberty to kick a perfectly good Robin out of my bed. I would probably shrug and make a mental note to stop drinking sugary coffee before bed.
  7. I agree with the Angelic Robe suggestion. Your Lilina will get gutted by a sneeze with only 23 HP. She's decent otherwise, especially with that magic stat.
  8. Lord: Ephraim Cavalier: Forde (I'm weird, I'm aware) Myrmidon: Joshua Thief: Colm Archer: Innes Mage: Lute Holy: MOULDER THE BOULDER Macho Men: Gerik Flyer: Cormag Trainee: Ewan Other: Knoll. Summons are good for baiting enemies, but he's horrendous as a unit.
  9. Clarine + Rutger is an untouchable combo. Not even lances could touch the latter.
  10. Lord: Lyn Cavalier: Lowen Mercenary: Raven Myrmidon: Karel Fighter: Geitz Brigand: Dart for overall usage, Hawkeye for character. Knight: Wallace's lack of direction makes it way too funny not to use him, if only for shits and giggles. Pegasus: Florina Wyvern: Heath Thief: Legault Bishop: Lucius Mage: Pent Archer: Wil Refresher: Ninian One Class Wonders: Canas
  11. That's what I thought. Anyway, as @Azz astutely pointed out, it would indeed be the other way around.
  12. Final in-game team is slated to be: Primarina Alolan-Marowak Alakazam Magnezone Mudsdale Hawlucha I use a different team for post-game and second E4 and that's yet to be determined.
  13. I use Alolan Marowak. Great physical power and decent movepool. Salazzle isn't a bad choice either though, as it can destroy Fairy-types.
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