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  1. Is it just me, or Garon has lethality... You do realize that Bolverk is a 1-3 ranged weapon, right? Meaning that everytime I attack him, I risk a lethality. Not cool. EDIT: Never mind, those pictures I saw are outdated, after installing the mod, noticed that he has different skills. Good on you.
  2. Is there any way to restore the original title screen and make the unit stats screen to have FE7 colors and frames? Also, it would be okay if I used those assets for my FE builder project? I would make sure to credit you if you allow it.
  3. I've noticed something strange in one of my topics.

    This one:

    I was told that people can't download my file attached to my starting post. I signed out, and sure enough, I can't download it, despite the fact that I can download it when I'm signed in. What's the problem here? I tried to delete it and reupload it, but still not working.

    1. eclipse


      I think attachments can only be downloaded by people who are signed in.  If you want to offer this offline, you'll need to use an external service (Mediafire, Mega, etc.).

    2. DiogoJorge


      I see. Considering that before I deleted it, it had 65 downloads count. I thought everything was working as it should before this became an issue. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Not sure if If I should bring this to you, or another mod, but I've noticed something strange in one of my topics.

    This one:


    For some reason, people can't download the patch file that is attached to my starting post. I signed out to check, and sure enough it says it's not available, even though I just deleted it and reuploaded it again.

    What's the problem here?


    1. Balcerzak


      I didn't catch this notification the other day, I'll look into it after work if it's still being a problem.

    2. DiogoJorge


      Sorry, but your friend Eclipse already helped me. Thanks for your attention anyway.

  5. Doing a H5 run of Shadow Dragon. Nothing that some HP management and javelin spam can't solve.
  6. Chapter 28 finished after taking a long break from the series. And for today's level ups, nothing to write home about. Priscila got a good one and Fiora is packing a bit more STR.
  7. As someone who currently uses FEBuilder, I do recommend it. It's more fun than using the nightmare tools, that's for sure, since FEBuilder has a much better interface and feels less "raw" compared to Nightmare
  8. If only Farina joined promoted with better stats, then she would be worth the money. I don't understand why some people do hire her, when you already have both Fiora and Florina, but to each their own.
  9. The face is Gwendolyn/Wendy's. Yeah, I will see how I can improve it.
  10. Been trying to create additional expressions to my characters with some sucess. Here's my Elvion (main character) with three expressions, normal, serious and slightly pained: The third one might need some more work, but I think I grasped the idea. In order to draw a open mouth, one has to paint the white dots below the lip dots. Although I'm not sure if that detail is visible on this resolution.
  11. Thank you. I will do that. EDIT: Where did you find the Knight Lord file? I subscribed to JAPANWeb's files, but none of his projects has them, unless I missed one. I was kind hoping for a female version of that.
  12. Can I have your permission to use the resources that are located in your Avatar Demo? There are a lot of new classes there that would spare me hours of frustration and work.
  13. She looks small, because I'm using a lower resolution. I tried using large face before, but didn't work out as it messed up the mugshots during dialogue, so that means I will have to stick with the regular face size of 96x96p. It's also the only way to avoid the pixel excess that mugshot of Roselia had.
  14. Actually she will be a fighter and a tanky one at that. That piece of long red hair is difficult to remove, since if I remove it, I have to place cloth in it's place since the hair is covering it, which would be difficult to build in a way that doesn't look off.
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