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  1. I'm pretty sure the majority of Warriors can have Counter randomly assigned to them in Awakening in any difficulty that isn't Normal, and one instance I can remember where a Warrior shows up in the ambush spawns is the infamous Mila Tree chapter which would be even worse if they happen to have counter.
  2. I'd say that the biggest problem with ambush spawns is that even if the game makes it clear that something is coming, pretty much no game makes it clear what is actually coming. Which means that you can end up with situations like your fliers getting killed by archers or your low res units being killed by mages or anything else. This means that the only good ways to deal with ambush spawns that you don't know the identity of is to either attempt to stay out of their range, which is made harder by not knowing their movement or what range they can attack from, or just put a unit who can take just about any enemy type well within their range such as Robin. Because of this I'd say that it's pretty much essential that the game actually informs the player of the stats and weapons of incoming reinforcements if ambush spawns are used so that they can plan accordingly. Otherwise for first-time players who don't want to spoil things by looking it up I'd say that ambush spawns would make using low defense or flying units a bit of a nightmare.
  3. I admit it would be kinda interesting to see what would happen if every character just picks the best items for that match-up, even if it does lead to some sleep and brave weapon spam. As I can imagine Robin using Celica's Gale or the Superior Jolt against mages. Though if I had to pick one weapon for Robin odds are it'd be some kind of Thunder magic either Thoron or Mjolnir as that seems to be the type of magic they use most as they start out with a Thunder tome and they cast Thoron in some cutscenes.
  4. I feel like the argument of "just don't use it" in regards to fishing, kind of ignores the fact that it gives access to resources you wouldn't be able to get otherwise. Most noteworthy is that if you decide to Stockpile all of your bait for the fistfuls of fish event you can (IIRC) Get to Professor level A/A+ By chapter 9 which is utterly nuts. Though it also requires spending a pretty mindnumbing amount of time fishing. And the fact that the game incentivises stockpiling for certain events like this is in my opinion the worst designed part of it as it incentivizes playing the mini-game for far far longer than it could ever be considered fun. And the advantages from fishing are especially beneficial in Maddening. To be fair I don't use fishing in my playthroughs just due to how much I don't like it as a game mechanic. But it's definitely an incredibly awfully designed mechanic.
  5. That's not exactly an option in early maps. For the Blue Lions they can use the Kingdom Archers which has a D rank requirement and can be obtained at Chapter 7 onwards (If I remember correctly) For the other routes the only batallion with that gambit is an A rank one which you're not likely to have access to until quite a bit later. There's also the fact that using Hand Axes/Javelins boosts the corresponding weapon's Weapon experience which in my experience has helped me to train other things like Authority rank more since I'm getting more of my character's weapon rank requirements for classes from combat.
  6. The weird thing is that on Normal difficulty, all units are set to level 20 minimum post timeskip if their standard amount of timeskip level-ups wouldn't get them to that point. But on higher difficulties they removed it.
  7. If I remember correctly the stuff that Ashe finds out from the papers is revealed in his supports with Catherine, and the support chain can't actually start until the paralogue is completed.
  8. xezmjkfftA Well at least some of the letters are there
  9. Whoops you're right, I was mostly just thinking about characters with personal skills that take effect in Guard Stance and forgot about the gender restriction.
  10. Jakob, Felicia, Gunter, Siegbert and Kaze all make good use of Lodestar's Dual Guardsman as it synergizes with their personal skills. For Jakob and Felica they can also make use of Charm alongside Demoiselle/Gentillihomme + Inspiration to allow them to be especially good for adding both extra damage and damage reduction. Though if you want to specialize in maximizing the effectiveness of those skills Hinoka, Camilla, Sakura, Elise and Percy would also synergize well in that regard. Though getting Elise through Lodestar or Great Lord might be a bit tricky.
  11. I think the answer definitely differs depending on the difficulty and whether you're aiming for a team that's good for in-game challenges without grinding. Or to optimize for post-game challenges such as Apotheosis. An example of this is Brady's inheritance If you're optimizing for the post-game Galeforce is generally the best skill to inherit from Maribelle. Though if you're just trying to get through the game, I'd reccomend giving him Demoiselle or Dual Support + instead, as Maribelle is more likely to actually have those skills.
  12. Since the units stocked in your Einherjar shop are determined by the units you have on your My Castle, you can effectively pick and choose which of your characters you want another of. In a Conquest Ironman I did I ended up purchasing a Silas Einherjar after a particularly disastrous Chapter 25 and that ended up helping out massively.
  13. Usually that can be solved by unequiping their weapon, though in Three Houses that may end up making them susceptible to critical hits.
  14. I believe that's Daniela you're mentioning. She's actually got a pretty unusual bug where if an Ebon Wing is used on her, she'll continue using her strategist model. Resulting in her flying around with a horse somehow.
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