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  1. Since the units stocked in your Einherjar shop are determined by the units you have on your My Castle, you can effectively pick and choose which of your characters you want another of. In a Conquest Ironman I did I ended up purchasing a Silas Einherjar after a particularly disastrous Chapter 25 and that ended up helping out massively.
  2. Usually that can be solved by unequiping their weapon, though in Three Houses that may end up making them susceptible to critical hits.
  3. I believe that's Daniela you're mentioning. She's actually got a pretty unusual bug where if an Ebon Wing is used on her, she'll continue using her strategist model. Resulting in her flying around with a horse somehow.
  4. I think the argument is whether or not it's better to wait for a child unit or recruit them asap. Considering the auto-levelling for the most part you usually can just recruit them whenever you feel like it, although Ignatius and Shiro definitely need to be recruited early due to how tricky their paralogues get later on.
  5. Btw since there's a region lock it'd be helpful to put your region in your post so people know whether they can help or not.
  6. Btw @TotallyNotASpy Camilla can get Astra through an S support with Ryoma or a Samurai talent Corrin.
  7. I'm glad that the Odin I picked has been useful, although with the way he's currently being used I don't foresee Life and Death being particularly great when he gets it.
  8. I get the feeling that with the skills that Elise is going to get and with how good she tends to be as a wyvern rider anyway she's going to end up being one of the best units. I'm quite curious to see how Arthur will turn out. My prediction is that he'll be useful in the early-game but will probably fall off later on.
  9. Grandmaster Odin Stat Changes: +2 Mag,Def, -2 Luck, Res. Skills. Shadowgift, Vantage, Heartseeker , Tomefaire, Life and Death Starting Item: Change to Nosferatu and Killing Edge Weapon Rank Changes: Give a C rank in Swords
  10. I vote for trying to get the gaiden chapters while ironmanning, after all it's a part of how the game was made. I think that going for it will create some interesting decisions for who to sacrifice for gaiden chapters while also providing some fuel for the write-up as well. E.G How worth the effort do the gaiden characters end up being.
  11. If I'm allowed to make another suggestion, how about Oni Chieftain Kaze.
  12. Updated my castle to have an Azura with Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Tomefaire, Lancefaire and Replicate. Castle Address is 04030-10111-60592-84629
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