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  1. I'd be up for a match. I'm pretty sure it's region locked though. Are you EU or NA. I'm EU.
  2. I'm surprised that the Venge weapons haven't been mentioned considering their high mt and accuracy with the only debuff being reduced evasion which is fine as it just leaves less up to chance. But I do admit they do come rather late and have high weapon rank requirements but they're definitely good for when they're available.
  3. It may not be on the poll but Tricksters. Being the ultimate utility unit with lockpicking, healing and a +1 movement bonus on pair up is rather fun to have.
  4. Songs are just long collections of words said weirdly. Next word: Wall
  5. I honestly hope this is either trolling or just a bad joke.
  6. Rowan and Lianna would probably promote when they get Facinna and Enliron. Corrin would promote after visiting the Rainbow Sage, as for Azura I can see Chapter 15 in Conquest but I don't really know for other routes. Chrom and Robin would promote after Chapter 11, to show how much they've grown over that time.
  7. Stahl, Virion and Frederick were some of my first benched units and while I do now sometimes use Frederick as the back of a pair up. Stahl and Virion are seldom if ever used by me.
  8. Echoes: Witches - In a game where most units have rubbish resistance being a teleporting mage is troublesome. Awakening: Bow Knights: The fact that they appear in ambush spawns in hard mode makes using fliers makes them memorably annoying. Fates: Generals and Master Ninjas - Generals due to Wary fighter meaning that I'll usually need multiple characters to take them down and Master Ninjas as 1-2 range + High speed making doubling difficult + High evasion + High res + Debuffs + Crit Bonus (Really?) = GAHH
  9. Why does it matter so much that other people subscribe to a random youtuber?
  10. I've never played this game yet I'm very interested in this LP. As for the Leteena event I vote for attempting the recruitment... in a separate save similar to as if it was a route split.
  11. Priam, more due to lack of interest than actual dislike.
  12. That it ends (This is completely sarcastic) The reclassing system is considerably better both in balance and ease of use and while infinite leveling is possible, you'll likely only get a few eternal seals without grinding especially in conquests.
  13. Sure I'd be up for seeing that, but I warn to you be ready for early game hell if you aren't ready for it already. Are you going to use a guide for the early-game? Also I think anyone who does Lunatic and especially Lunatic + is at least somewhat masochistic.
  14. "I SAVED THIS FOR YOU" Even more hilarious is if it manages to stop Delthea from attacking without killing her, honestly any of Luthier's critical hit lines are funny in this context.
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