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  1. I'm going to pick Merchant as Azama's promotion. Have fun with spendthrift.
  2. Swordmaster Oboro sounds good
  3. Archenea(FE1/FE3/FE11/FE12)-Kris Valentia(FE2/FE15)-Lawson,Wolff,Zakson,Aurum,Irma Jugdral(FE4/FE5) Victor(DLC),Baldack,Palmark,Kanatz,Disler,Boldor,Daccar,Ovo Elibe(FE6/7)-Oro,Rude,Slater,Erik(DLC),Gel,Wire,Igor,Zugu Sacred Stones- Bazba,Zabba,Monica(DLC),Aias Tellius(FE9/FE10)- Norris, Maijin,Emil,Zeffren,Agony(DLC),Yuma Awakening- Old Hubba(DLC) Fates- Daniela,Anthony,Cassita,Layla Three Houses- Bias,Pallardo(DLC) Is this bad enough
  4. I just did Chapter 6, so may as well give an update on my progress (P-2, 1-5, 2-4, 3-5, 4-8, 5-6, 6-3) Total turns from Prologue to Chapter 6: 33 Spoiler has a bit more info.
  5. Dwyer + Felicia/Jakob(Chapter 15) @PeppyYour go again. Btw I would've went for Gunter if you hadn't picked him 😄
  6. Oh in that case I'm picking Beruka. @Peppy It's your turn
  7. Sounds like a bit of fun, I've never played a draft or done an LTC playthrough. But it's the fun that counts.
  8. In Chapter 7 there's choke-points available to limit the amount of enemies and positional skills such as Lily's Poise to assist with taking out the enemies. Additionally Silas can take advantage of his Vow of Friendship personal skill to greatly improve his combat even just by performing his action before you heal Corrin. I'd hardly say tonics are necessary for this map as the layout assists quite a lot. Guard stance is there for precisely that reason as well. Probably because he's supposed to be equal to Ryoma and having an axe or a lance would diminish that symmetry.
  9. Is being hunted by their past self.
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