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  1. Looking to buy B05-053SR Aqua. Message me how much you are willing to sell for.
  2. Light and dark magic users for sure i miss those so much and the characters that came with them
  3. Cheers for the response guys and yeah looking at ebay and how much some of the single SR's are going for(pretty much the price of a single box) i think ill pick up 2 boxes or more if needed.
  4. Oh cool i forgot all about AmiAmi! thanks the prices seem decent here. Since i'm trying to get one of each card from a set do you recommend getting 1 or 2 boxes? is 2 boxes over kill?
  5. So i have not touched this card series since the second set(which i got every single card for in both sets) but i'm looking to get into collecting more sets. Just how much is it going to hurt my bank account starting this collection again? are booster boxes expensive for the older sets like set 3, 4 and 5?
  6. Iv probably got the most unpopular opinion ever when it comes to my least favorite lord and that would be Ike, i mean hes a good unit but character wise never been a fan.
  7. Need the following cards Marth SR Tiki SR Shiida SR Oguma SR Minerva R Have for trade Robin R Nowi R Lissa R Inigo R Lon'qu R Sumia R Olivia R Cherche R Cain R Merric R Willing to do multiple card trades for a SR.
  8. google doc sounds like the better idea imo.
  9. Male on my first run and female on my second, doing that worked out nicely in Awakening.
  10. i think the 25th anniversary ones are the best the sprite art is too nice.
  11. Wonder how many cards we should expect, i assume there will be 2 cards for every main characters from FE1 and FE13(not sure if that's going to count spotpass characters like Gangrel/Walhart/Priam)
  12. The press event was streamed correct? might have to have a watch myself
  13. ohh signed cards very nice they can sell for a pretty penny, still kinda hope they have the classic holo cards in there tho.
  14. So anyone have any information regarding there being foil cards in the booster packs? iv always been a fan of collecting more then playing so having some rare cards to find would be great.
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