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  1. Not only is all this correct, but to clarify the WS ruling, the character leaves the field, then you encore it back to the stage. It's just that most times, it doesn't matter.
  2. There's something that has been unnerving me. Ike's skill. As it stands, it's the worst Lord skill of them all. I love Ike, I really do (fave lord, actually), but I had to say it. By the time his skill would be worth activating, he should be promoted, similar to Chrom's deal. At that stage, I'd much rather score some quick damage by attack their MC a bunch of times with multiple units, you know? However, I suspect they will solve this conundrum when his set releases. They'll likely make some mechanic that puts cards under cards outside of how it is done nowadays. Like a unit giving another unit an ability like "when this units destroys a unit in battle, put the top card of your deck in this unit's stack", similar to leveling up. There could be other ways than what I just mentioned. The sister TCGs to CFV (the game Cipher is practically ripping off of) deal with card stacks under units and other cards. Any thoughts on what I'm talking about?
  3. Oh, sorry. I downloaded the document as an excel spreadsheet (easier for me that way) and some of the boxes didn't take. After looking over the document in Dropbox, I do see that all known cards (at least known to me) are indeed translated. Thank you. I don't think so. Would be weird. I'm pretty sure by then, it is a different card entirely and effects shouldn't carry over.
  4. http://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Category:LvSCard Does that help? If not, I'd like for that page to explain it well. Basically, if he has a card under him, he gets +10 power. You can achieve this by putting another copy of him on top of him.
  5. Alright, I put up the last remaining images. To reiterate, as it is important, if anyone finds calear non-sample images, please replace the ones on thw wiki or give me a link. And I took a look at the document and it all looks nice! Thanks for the help! I'm kinda too tired to do any more work but I gave it to a friend of mine who has an account on the wiki, so he's on it. I noticed some cards aren't translated. Figure you already know, but just want that said. Will probably be done by the time I would need to put them on the wiki, anyhow. Also, Jakob's ass. Just...dat ass.
  6. Alright, thanks for the links! I'll get to uploading those after I get some sleep! I'll look into Lackey, but not making any guarantees one way or the other, as I'm not sure how it works and if I can do it or not. As for Ike, if I have this right: you can "upgrade" him (unpromoted version placed on top of him, maybe even same exact card) and the ability would be active? Since it counts both the unit and all cards under him? Also, that makes sense, as my guess as to the ability would require some method of keeping track of the ability and they're making it like the Bushi games in that all you need is a deck of cards to play and no outside peripherals (coin, die, counters, etc.) needed. The ability is rather interesting and makes use of that little known and rarer to be used mechanic of making a stack of cards of a character by upgrading and promoting.
  7. Well, the card itself was four skills, but said it was two abilities. The last three were lumped together under the "100 Anna Sisters" ability name. I'm actually a proponent for replacing "supportskill" with "ability3" since only cost 1 units have the former while those same units will likely not get more than two abilities in addition to their support skill. Also, forgot to ask earlier, but what is Ike's skill? Here is his card for reference: http://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/File:P02-001.png He seems to be using a new keyword involving levels (I see "lv5" and then a Japanese character). I wanna say his skill is that if he's at level 5, he gets +10 power. And getting to level 5 requires him to win 2 battles. That is my best guess. His support skill is likely allowing the attacker to break 2 orbs as how all the other lord cards work, provided they are the same color as him. The text seems the same to me.
  8. Okay, I officially have entries for every card that I got both a clear image and translation for entered into the wiki. This includes promos (like those Corrins above). I know I have some info missing (like artist, title, and quote) along with minor mistakes (not familiar with Fates classes). I plan to fix those in time or someone else can do it. If I have done mistakes in effects and such, please point them out or fix them yourself. If you know of a translation of a card that has a clear image and the entry is not on the wiki, please notify me. If you know of any clear images without "sample" on them, please notify me. I have yet to see clear images of the starter deck exclusive cards besides the Corrin cards. All booster set 2 cards have clear images and have already been uploaded onto the wiki. Just wanna be super clear on what is going on and what I require. Also, what is everyone's stance on adding an "ability3" to the template? It can replace "supportskill". I ask because of this guy: http://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Jakob_(Cipher)
  9. I know the trial decks come with DLC codes for a "FE heroes" and "FE heroines" theme in the Hoshido and Nohr decks, respectively. The other thing is the boxtopper promos for series 2 (sneak preview cards for series 3) and I'm guessing Hoshido and Nohr themed sleeves.
  10. The list needs titles for the cards. I don't know the names for at least half of them. I can do without, but it would make the process much easier to finish if I start with them. Also, a clean image of the nation symbols would be nice. Here are all the images so anyone can help giving me the names of the cards: http://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Series_2_Card_Gallery Also, some aren't translated, either.
  11. The Starter exclusives are lower costed promotions of the royal family, though, so no Silas/Kaze, unless there are more exclusives I'm not aware of. EDIT: Also, the second effect of the cost 1 Foleo. Is it "this unit is treated as also having the female affinity at all times" like I suspect it is? If so, that's...actually kinda super funny lol. Pop that card in a harem deck :P
  12. Kinda weird who was left out and who was put in. Foleo over Silas? Really odd. I like them both, don't get me wrong, but still weird. http://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Series_2_Card_Gallery I uploaded images of every card to the wiki, as you can see. So hopefully it can be easier to make the entries for when translations are available. Corrin (male) SR is "B02-001.png" and the rest follow a similar naming pattern. If anyone finds images of the cards that are at least of equal quality to those minus the "sample", please replace the image or notify someone to do it.
  13. 1) Yes 2) No, same with Corrin, Kanna and Morgan. 3) It activates before he gets supported, so no. The goal is to have a bunch of cost 1 units out to make him awesome for cheap.
  14. Yes, I very much adore both cards. I might even buy a single of the Jakob card, just to ogle the art. It does beg the question, though: are they gonna have unpromoted forms? I can understand it if they don't get a cost 1 form (so they can't be made into the MC), but having only promoted forms can be awkward. I suppose it helps that they don't need to be promoted to get their full effects, but still.
  15. Aren't all the starter deck exclusives this time around new promoted versions of all the royal siblings? Like, 1 cost lower than their SR versions? I could be wrong, but yeah... And what do the SR Sakura and Elise do? I have the gist, but Google doesn't help when it comes to specifics. Plus, Elise's first skill is fairly incomprehensible (something involving recovering a unit when you break an orb, but I'm not sure).
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