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  1. When the text box blocks everything in sight?
  2. Yea marriage is overrated! This game truly allows Avatar to romance multiple characters at once.
  3. Wow male Avatar can heart rank both male and female characters? Multiple romance confirmed? Felicia blushing when petted? Wow! Big-chin blonde guy can be petted? Wow! Joker blushing and acting all romantic? Wow! This game sooooo hype! More romance is always a good thing for FE!
  4. how does marriage have to do with anything? romance can lead to marriage and most certainly will in FE idealistic notion of love universe, but yeah, not have marriage as a mechanic is fine as long there is romance
  5. I think cyrus more likely because oboro has crush on takumi?
  6. PokeFan


    Will NoA decide to release only Hoshido side of game in NA, wait another 3-6months, then releasing the Nohr side of the game because NoA wants to maximize sales?
  7. PokeFan


    I must have misread I though this game was getting a localized release Q3 in 2015 in NA. I thought I read somewhere it was shown on NA and EU Nintendo directs this January. Now I know its 2016… so err how is one supposed to wait 6 months+ for this game to be translated? Isn't this one of the biggest games for the 3DS? Why get such a low priority treatment?
  8. Yea and she has those sexy armor plates on the arm as well. But the best armor hands down which evokes the most orgamisc reaction is defiantly Gunther's armor, followed by Joker's entire arm and lastly its Camilla. I really enjoy Gunther's design and I hope he is romanceable.
  9. Can you guys even imagine the way the warm bosom of Camilla contrasts with the icy cold steel glint of her hands? Or the warmth of Joker's smile while serving a hot cup of milk tea with his steel hands?
  10. Have you guys seen Joker's hand armor? Like WOW! It looks sooooo good. And also Gunther's overall armor looks very appealing too. Camilla's hand armor also looks quite sexy as it curves around her hand giving her an even sexier look. I'm a big fan of Warhammer armor and I wish some of it can be DLC :)
  11. Nohr appears like steampunkish? Its so… medieval modern fantasy armor style. Awakening's armor on the other hand…. ugliest armor I've seen on Kellam and characters like that.
  12. They look so much better than FEA armor designs. Especially the Nohr armor and the way the armor curves around to fit the hands. Gunther's armor is stunning.
  13. Thanks for replying, so there is nothing official on her age? If that is the case, would Sayri be somewhere in her mid 20s? Just trying to get a sense for my head canon.
  14. Hello friends, is Sayri a princess of empress of Chosin? Does the game or the devs ever explain to us how old she is? I imagined her to be in her mid-twenties. Also, does the game tell us Sayri has had any lovers in the past? Because I want to pair my avatar with her and hopefully she is able to S rank? Thanks in advance if others have asked this question before.. :)
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