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  1. Ripped a new copy and now its working... That's a bit embarrassing :p
  2. It seems to be the only game I can't use AR codes with in Dolphin (version 4.0.2 with a USA copy). Both encrypted and decrypted codes do absolutely nothing. Google gave me no solutions and the search bar here only gave a fix for radiant dawn Anyone here manage to get codes working?
  3. Silencer: 50% chance when you roll a critical hit Great shield: enemy level% Pierce/sure shot: user level% Also since this question usually follows, great shield blocks pierce and silencer kills through great shield :)
  4. The real question us "Will there be fan-service dlc with more than 4 CG's?"
  5. ^lethality resembles her down+b, the weapon breakers resemble her evasive aerial game, and vantage resembles the high priority in her attacks. Seeing as the skill options are limited, I'd say it's fitting as far as a Jigglypuff goes and still useable too
  6. I love the concept! Here's my idea Jigglypuff Class: assassin Skills: -Lethality -Vantage -tomebreaker -bowbreaker -limit breaker
  7. MU x lucina for that bro code violation. Lon'qu x nowi is a strange one
  8. In my first run, which was only based upon the couples and not stats Mu x Cordelia Vaike x cherche Gaius x tharja Chrom x sumia Virion x miriel Gregor x nowi Ricken x maribelle Panne x nobody Donnel x sully Olivia x kellam
  9. I had to actually start a third file after clearing both routes to unlock them. my memory may be playing tricks on me though, as 2004 was quite a while ago :p @TC for your thief, you need to raise your speed stat. regarding the trainees: yeah you can copy the save, but they're generally outclassed by other promotion options anyways. Ewan is okay as he learns all three magic types. But If you plan to use glitches, you can go sage and then use the dark magic glitch, effectively making him a super trainee with added staves and higher caps/constitution
  10. Cleared lunatic+ recently. Not a resetless run or anything crazy, but avoided dlc. I had to purchase more bows than I ever thought I would need to have lol. After the number of times I had to reset a chapter due to unlucky critical hits, I'm pretty sure I'll just stick to hard mode from now on :p
  11. Hello everyone. I'm a fire emblem veteran and a die-hard fan, having completed every entry in the series. I always find myself using this sites resources so I figured I'd go ahead and join. Looking forward to partaking in discussions and helping out fellow fans when I can :)
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