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  1. Yup! I did it right after my last classic run and it was weird seeingall these units i sacrificed again. Thank you i am better than her!! I AM BETR AZURA AFTER ALL!! Alright we're moving on!
  2. Here we go! Chapter 10: OKAY GUYS!! Sorry for the wait!! Should I switch to casual mode to revive that one fallen unit? Or should we forge on?? I'll give until tomorrow to make a decision! Thank you guys for your support too! I'm already begging for death take me now
  3. who is that qt 3.14 in your avatar?

    1. ChocolaChao


      He's Leo Tsukinaga from the mobile app Ensemble Stars! He's super cute!! <33

  4. I'll be taking a quick break for the weekend!! I'm pretty busy for the next two days I'm sorry! I'll resume this on Monday!! See you then~ Silas is sweating because I talk to myself
  5. Okay, let's get back on track!! Let's start this of RIGHT! DAMMIT Chapter 9: oh no
  6. Yeah T_T She'll only be able to carry two lances she CAN use if I were to use her personal..... I might have to rethink this maybe
  7. OMG I DID IT!!! I'M SO HAPPY! Paralogue 20: I'm glad we're done with that! Let's continue with the story!! My thoughts on this run currently..... I will just hate every paralogue. At least the next one won't be until like after chapter 15??? Those will be the real challenges. Oh how I dread it already.... If you guys can, I'd love for some support by visiting my castle and having a battle with me! If you give me an accessory, tell me who should wear it! Thank you for watching my PMU by the way! I'll keep going with this, no matter the challenge!
  8. I just gave him all my goddess icons because LUCK WILL NOT SCREW ME OVER OKAY FUCK THAT. Ophelia's pretty fast as a knight right now! I just wish she could use at LEAST rank D Lances..... CRITS BOI~ I try to get the Spirit Dust (on the top right) but i just keep getting surrounded.... I'll finish this by tonight! I swear!!
  9. I might just........... use Haitaka until I have enough unites to fill up the entire roster. I'm stuck on Paralogue 20 (Ophelia's) right now!! So many resets T_T Too many enemies so I can't really spread out my army.... I only have two healers, one of which I'll have to drop soon. If I can't make it through this paralogue, I might consider dropping this difficulty to hard mode....
  10. I'm more worried about weapon proficiency than anything else T_T i need arms scrolls lol
  11. So right after ch7, I went on a support grinding spree~ It's okay, this is conquest, I can't gain exp even if I tried. Watch me fall in love! Chapter 8: After this, I'll make Niles and Odin become besties so Odin can become an outlaw! Yay! We'll also be getting our first kid ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Oops! Sorry, I misread that! >_< I'll fix it right away! it's a good thing that I'm not that far in the run yet! I'll have ch8 up by tonight! By the way guys, if you want to change the units that I have on my team, you still can! As long as I haven't recruited them yet of course!
  13. Starting a new PMU. Hopefully you guys can visit my castle <3

  14. Alright guys time to start the game! Here is my avatar like you guys wanted! Her name is Betr Azura because she is Betr!! She's cute isn't she!? <3 her! You guys wanted +Luck -Skill so here! I need the Priestess Class so my future husband can reclass into a monk himself! Can't wait for that! ^.~ I'll change my hairstyles whenever I feel like it! We'll be starting in Lunatic Mode and see how far we can go before I mentally lose it. Sounds fun! Next time.... I'll marry my hubby Arthur and change classes! I'll post more screenies btw! I'll delete my gallery to make mroe room! See you guys tomorrow! <3 I would appreciate you guys battling my team and giving me hats to support my PMU! Anything will be greatly appreciated! You can even tell me which unit should wear what accessory!
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