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    I enjoy tabletop games including Warhammer (Fantasy and 40k) Numenera, DnD, and Pathfinder. I enjoy learning about the diffrent fields of science as well, especially when I get to be hands in the topic like making a siege weapon for torsion. I also read books that are associated with the action genre, and of course my favorite thing to do is rant. I didn't leave the site arseholes, you're all on my shit list now, and don't bother telling me what to do, I will do the counter option out of spite, unless you are trying to use reverse psychology then I'd just do that
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  1. Celica with a Blessed Sword, and Alm with his trusty Falchion in the endgame
  2. This line of conversation has long since ended to prevent fights. I ignored your comment and am just going to inform you of this.
  3. I was saying it for governments in general, not excluding one type or the other, in the US that is why I brought up the minimal punishment was jail, it can range. I would like to stress I do not agree with those conservatives, as killing someone for not paying taxes is a grand break of the non aggression principle or NAP. I not going to continue such a topic here as it is quite clear the end result would just be anger in one or both parties involved. (Though for reference I hate that source just as much as the government funded BBC for similar reasons)
  4. Governments do everything with the threat of force behind them. I found this in the first result in google: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1239060/China-shot-tax-evasion.html If you want another basic example of what taxes are, say I mowed your lawn and went up to your door and demanded you pay me, and we didn't agree to me mowing your lawn in the first place, such an action is extortion. another link for you simce you asked for proof, this time in Egypt, I hate using a Christian site but it gets the job done: http://www.cbn.com/tv/2668691645001
  5. And what's the punishment for not paying taxes, at best you get thrown into a cell, at worst they kill you. Also extortion is must commonly used through a protection racket, and you do get something out of that, the same promise that your business won't suffer from accidents. Getting nothing in return is robbery, a different thing entirely. Even in the case of the landlord, does he then throw you into his personal dungeon and mentally torture you or shoot you in the head?
  6. Considering those caused the healthcare crisis by artificially stimulating demand, and made it impossible for me and my father to pay for treatments for my now dead mother, yes I am.
  7. It is still getting cash from the government, which is a large scale protection racket. It could be getting it from the Mafia with the same restrictions and I'd still be against the source of funds.
  8. Taxation is money taken from extortion, I'm not against giving money to someone that wants an abortion if someone wants to do that. What I am against is forcing someone to pay for it by point of gun. I'm a card carrying Libertarian in the US not a Republican after all. If I was a mob boss running a protection racket, and I gave some of the cash I took from people to give someone else the money for an abortion, I'm still a criminal. I do know federal cash goes to businesses that make a profit, planned parenthood is one of these businesses, this is corporatism and has more in common with socialist ideas. The morality of an abortion has nothing to do with it, it could be a gun factory or a video game developer and I'd say the same thing.
  9. I do agree with you on both points, though I'd also like to bring up secondary evidence to enforce your later idea. People seem to forget the day after pill exists with a 90-85% effectiveness, and I'm positive that the price of 50 USD is far cheaper than an abortion. In fact for those that still failed, why would one sinply go through 8 months of pregnancy only to then think of an abortion? It's ludicrous at that stage, why wouldn't they do it in the first 3 months if at any time? I swear such incompetence by those wishing for an abortion at that stage can only be matched by Scotland's public services which are far worse than where I live.
  10. I find it even more bizarre that people forget that the bigger the government, the more likely it will fail and collapse. Case in point Charles V's empire that due to the many problems in the Empire, the problem of the Protestant reformation was ignored until the Thirty Years War, one of the bloodiest and brutal wars of the dawn of modern Europe.
  11. I am more than happy to scale down the US military, I'm tired of paying for the defense budget of Europe.
  12. I did not state taxation was theft, I stated it was extortion, they are two different things, learn what they mean. Ah yes "without government who would fix the roads" arguement, news flash, the government with high taxes already fails to maintain infrastructure, if you want proof of that just look at any road in PA not in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh. The biggest joke around here is PennDOT known for its incompetence when it comes to maintaining infrastructure, and to the north of me turns out NYC's entire infrastructure is falling apart due to a lack of maintenance since the state thought to push it back repairs even further. Also the because it's popular argument is a poor argument, do you think that if slavery was popular it should exist as well? I bring that up because a single payer system would make doctors slaves all but in name. The USA a libertarian society? We spend over 60% of taxes on social security and the healthcare programs which caused the healthcare crisis to begin with, if anything those in the 1970s were shortsighted and did not see that when making such laws. Once again I said it was extortion not theft, they are two different things.
  13. Those incidents are already covered by insurance though. This is for an argument that money that was taken from someone by point of gun should not be used to give a business that is ALREADY turning a profit more cash. A business in that cash is just getting free money, and has less more motivation to decrease there prices to increase demand. You also assume I am for military action, which I've always been against as it is a waste of resources, and only manages to make things worse in our modern world, just look at Lybia or Iraq. I'm not referring to "a veto on how there cash is used" to paraphrase you, I'm calling for so little tax that the government only maintains a sense of order in society, anything else is stealing my cash by point of gun, extortion, which of anyone else does it the action is labeled as a crime, but it's okay when the state does it, bloody hypocrisy.
  14. It's legal in PA so I'll give a short summary of how it works. Concerning medical emergencies where the mother's life is at risk abortion is covered by insurance in the first place. I can agree with your last statement, however most areas that give abortions do so with allowing it as a form of birth control, with using federal cash to intake more revenue to expand even though such places like Planed Parenthood already make a profit (and while yes Planed Parenthood does offer services outside of abortion, most of their revenue comes from selling it to the masses).
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