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  1. There was a thread on Reddit like this one a few months back. This is what I made: Machiavellian When being supported by a unit, grants additional Crit +10, Hit +10, and Magic Damage +3 When supporting a unit that isn't S rank, lead unit gets Crit -10, Hit -10, and takes +2 Physical Damage
  2. Sorcerer. I always roll mage if I have the chance.
  3. This guy gets it. +MAG -DEF has been seen as the optimal combination for a magic avatar since awakening. However, this time around caps aren't as important or as practical as growths. If you're even somewhat concerned about the maingame (and/or are playing lunatic) you might want to consider doing -LUK (with a little bit of aptitude on the side but maybe that's just me)
  4. Leo's prf tome is really good and he starts out with decent stats (lesser chance of being rng screwed as a prepromote). He'll never nuke like Rhajat, Ophelia, Elise, or the Avatar but he can take hits unlike most of them. With Horse Spirit and Nosferatu he can comfortably target res, heal himself, and tank. What he needs to ORKO enemies reliably is either a speed pairup and/or a reclass (Sorcerer or Dark Flier). He makes a really good defensive magical pairup himself for magical spouses too so it's a win-win if you have him with say, Witch Sakura. Leo's niche isn't that he's the best magical/physical attacker or tank but that he can perform multiple roles reliably at once which is something many units cannot do.
  5. Yea you might as well stay on Nohr Prince if you want to use the Yato. Later you might want to use an Arms Scroll though. You can always buy skills online or if not, choose Diviner as a talent for tomefaire if that's more your thing. Nohr Prince has waaaaaaay better growths than both Dark Mage and Diviner. Personally, I never use the Yato, so I usually buy Aptitude from someone online and switch to Dark Mage ASAP. Either way, it's fun and a good idea. Dragonstones are decent for tanking and OHKOs early game and later you get access to some pretty amazing tomes in Conquest.
  6. Yea, same here or maybe at least an option for averaged growths. However, I do appreciate the sense of randomness with FE's leveling system as it's effective in inspiring multiple playthroughs and there are always a bunch of people with similar class sets and growths who are tied to the bench otherwise.
  7. Ricken definitely. His speed is almost never good and his magic is kind of meh. But if you can manage to get him to Dark Knight, depending on the RNG, he can pull his own weight. The better growths actually get him magic once in a while and he becomes pretty tanky. He'll never be outstanding though, especially if you make him the father of Owain (or use the kids at all really).
  8. Anyone here tried Mag asset Sorceror Kamui or have any thoughts on its viability? Personally, I really don't want to use anything other than tomes more than I have to.
  9. Definitely hard mode. Honestly, how much sense would it make in canon Lunatic that Frederick is the only unit capable of facing ANYONE in the first few chapters of the game? Hell in Lunatic, it's a stretch to imagine Chrom being able to fight Lucina equally in Arena Ferox at all.
  10. Read the whole sentence. The censorship itself is what is being rationalized due to "cultural differences".
  11. Well the censorship itself is a bit insulting. Censoring something as insignificant as a woman in a bikini in a game where characters can marry their cousins, uncles, and shotas while also using the very same units to kill people due to "cultural differences" is stupid. We, as players and paying customers, should never be withheld from content (no matter how small) because we speak different languages or live in different countries.
  12. Na I wasn't saying that. I was trying to say that anyone who didn't want grinding in the game for the fear that they would feel like they have to in order to progress needn't worry as the game wouldn't have to be balanced around it.
  13. I suppose the counters aren't too bad if they're enemy turn only. I still don't like the auto advantage it will bring online though. The lack of skin color options didn't exactly urk me until I realized: And don't get me wrong, certain aspects of the new skill system, I think, are handled pretty well. I really like that if we went past the level we'd usually get a skill, it's acquired the next level. And I went crazy when I heard about the buddy/marriage seals. However, the replacement of the second seal for the parallel seal makes no sense. IS knows this and that's why we have the eternal seal, which is itself, unnecessary. Lastly, grinding doesn't have to be this red flag for a lack of difficulty. Grinding is supposed to be a grind. Because of endgame multiplayer, grinding is important for attaining caps and just makes an exp dlc look like a cash grab. There is no excuse for this as the game wouldn't even need to be balanced around the assumption that the player will grind if grinding itself is limited. In actuality, the overarching difficulty that veterans love touting about the series is lost when everyone on the Nohr path inevitably gets said exp dlc anyway(This is mostly an assumption. An exp dlc could still be limited and maybe even only available for the endgame.)
  14. Haven't even touched the game yet and I know i'm still going to love it. But: -Magic Counter seems way too broken. Counter reflects damage if you're adjacent to an enemy, but magic counter reflects ALL magic damage. Hopefully I'm just overlooking a major detail in it's practicality. -Holy Shit Defensive Formation is going to make ripples in the game. I wish it was more balanced/ a bit more nuanced than a simple "noone can double lol". The spam will be too real with this, counter, magic counter, and that doppelganger ability thing. -Nohr's whole "no grinding becuz dats 4 noobz" niche. I get it, it definitely adds difficulty to the game. But how is someone with Conquest supposed to compete with fully grinded Birthright and Invisible Kingdom teams? -I don't understand why infinite leveling was taken out. Monstrous caps + Limit Break broke Awakening far more than the continuous leveling ever did. All this does is make it more frustrating to gain skills. -Genderlocked Witch and Ballistician classes :( -Genderlocked children again. It was unfair and stupid in Awakening and it still is now. I'm hoping someone can tell me my fears are stupid and i'm just ignorant because I haven't played the game yet. At the end of the day, I still think this will turn out to be the best fire emblem game so far.
  15. Sorry, I know this isn't particularly character specific but how are Sorcs in general this time around? I absolutely understand why Nosferatu was nerfed this time around but seriously NO procs? What I've been getting so far is that they lost their tanky status and are now glass cannons, sort of like how sages were offensively in awakening.
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