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  1. Does anyone know who's handling the localization? Is it still 8-4?
  2. I'm wondering about this too. Perhaps something happened that made Kamui forget their memory? They might have either gotten knocked out, which resulted in memory damage, or something worse: mental trauma. It's possible that Kamui forced themself to forget what happened in order to cope? This is all just speculation, of course.
  3. I actually never heard about this, and it also doesn't sound that realistic since she's quite young. Though it would be very interesting to see! But if anything, I think she's a priestess in training (hence her healing powers).
  4. By the way, does anyone know if the personality descriptions (I'm assuming that's what they are) are at least slightly different from the Famitsu ones?
  5. Oh wow the elder daughters are sounding to be badasses, Camilla especially ovo I'm seriously excited about Takumi. He's the most intriguing to me because he's the only one who's suspicious about Kamui, despite being blood relatives. This is going to provide some interesting support conversations! lobster lord pls, you're making me cry. - Thank you for the translations!
  6. My favorite designs are: Hoshido: Ryouma, Hinoka, and Takumi Nohr: Camilla (excluding her disastrous armor), Leon, and Joker I also really like how a lot of the men from Hoshido have long hair (Ryouma, Takumi, Tsubaki, etc) while some of the girls have short hair (Hinoka, Sakura, etc).
  7. Wow, that that's actually spot on to what I was thinking. That would provide some interesting diversity in terms of personality for the siblings!
  8. (woo this is my first post) Let's discuss the characters' potential personalities because who doesn't love speculation! Ryouma: For me, he gives off a very disciplined, yet brotherly feel- someone who's very reliable. But I don't see a fully compassionate person- at least to people that isn't his family (remember how he almost immediately attacked Kamui when they chose Nohr?). I think this may be because the man we saw get killed by the archers in the second trailer was the father of the Hoshidan royals; so after he died, Ryouma had to take up the responsibility of leading the entire faction at a young age (I'm assuming late teens / early 20s?), thus having to become colder / less merciful in order to lead his people. (all hail lobster lord) Takumi: I don't know about you guys, but I really like this character so far (and his glorious ponytail). "In order to make others acknowledge his strength, he trains to perfect his martial arts. Personality-wise, he is strongly distrusting of others." He’s most likely a very responsible, dedicated person- like this brother. Takumi is probably the one Ryouma would hand leadership over to, if the situation requires it (he seems like the ideal co-captain) I also have a feeling that Takumi will be the most careful of the Hoshidan siblings. I mean, look at this picture, he's the only one keeping watch for potential threats. Unfortunately, this means he's probably the one sibling that doesn't quite welcome you fully, assuming you choose Hoshido. But, perhaps that'll change after some well-written support conversations! I also think that one of Takumi's tropes will be the "I've always lived in my brother's shadow, so I must perfect my art in order to be recognized". Not only does this give me da feels, it gives Takumi a lot of potential depth- for a character whose dialogue we haven't even heard yet. Hinoka: Everyone can go home because Hinoka is best waifu. Hinoka is probably going to be quite the serious one, only lightening up for family, friends, and her pegasus. Now, this may sound somewhat ridiculous, but maybe Hinoka being the only mounted unit in her family means something deep? Like, maybe she has this secret urge to be able to fly around the world and explore, but her position as a royal has prevented her to do so? I can totally imagine Hinoka being this stern, somewhat humorless character, but as soon as someone mentions something remotely related to adventuring, she suddenly becomes super enthusiastic & hyper, and starts rambling on about the most danger-and-rich-filled places in the world. idk. Hinoka is very precious to me (if that wasn’t already obvious). Getting back on topic, I think Hinoka isn’t a leader in terms of politics, but rather in battle. One of Takumi & Hinoka’s parallels may be that Takumi can lead his people/citizens, while Hinoka can lead an army. I just get this feeling that Hinoka is adept at battle tactics, fighting in general, and she’s brave. And when I say brave, I mean she will lead the frontlines and stay in the frontlines until the battle is won. Sakura: Meh. Sakura is adorable and all, but I’m not expecting a whole lot of depth in character for her. Though, the formality she uses with Kamui is cute, and can perhaps be used as a plot device for support conversations between them. Maybe she’ll be really excited about meeting her new sibling, but is too shy/hesitant about using informal terms so their conversations will be about Kamui trying to get her to be more comfortable around them? idk. - Marx: Aesthetic-wise, his hair reminds me of Virion for some odd reason and I can’t get the image out of my head. Personality-wise, he’s obviously very similar to Ryouma. Marx will probably be very close to Kamui, but will not hesitate to attack them when they threaten the kingdom. This makes me cry inside because the idea of teen-Marx teaching kid-Kamui how to fight with a sword does give me da feels. Who knew his baby sibling would be one of the foes he would have to defeat? Leon: His character’s design is delicious and I want him. Unfortunately, his personality description isn’t as interesting as I hoped it’d be. “Unlike his brother, he is an adept at sorcery. He’s a genius who can skilfully handle anything.” I think my problem with this description is mainly the wording. I would’ve personally focused on how freaking metal Leon is, I mean, he doesn’t even look like he’s trying, and yet he’s creating an aura that’s making rocks fly all over the place! Leon may be a genius, but he’s looking to be a dangerous genius (and that sounds waaay more interesting). Ten bucks says he’s the first one to try and kill you for betraying Nohr. Also I have a feeling that Kamui and Leon’s relationship was never really that deep in the first place. Though, I don’t really have anything to back this up, except for my gut feeling. Camilla: UGHH THE ULTIMATE WAIFU WHO WOULD’VE RULED THEM ALL, IF ONLY THE CHARACTER DESIGNER HADN’T FUCKED UP HER BOOBS & CLOTHES. No seriously, I’m enamoured with Camilla- she’s gorgeous! But she seriously doesn’t deserve this (no female character deserves this). Moving on to the personality, I think Camilla is going to be the ultimate big sister. She’s someone who’s always willing to listen, secretly hand you cookies under the table, and offer good advice. Camilla seems like a genuinely good person! But I think that’s going to change if Kamui chooses Hoshido. Her personality will then shift into something darker. She’s no longer the loving sister Kamui once knew, but an angry warrior who's ready to kill. Hence, the scene where she’s almost mockingly walking towards you with her arms outstretched to you (basically, she’s not intending on hugging you). Elise: The lovechild of Lissabelle. Basically the same as Sakura. Not expecting a whole lot of depth (perhaps even less with this one). Elise will probably be the most persistent in trying to convince you come back to Nohr, but ultimately failing. I suspect that because of Elise & Kamui’s close relationship, she’ll be the one that Kamui will refuse to kill. Aaaand that’s all I really have to say about Elise. (She’s cute, though) I only talked about the royals since they’re the ones we have the most info on. Feel free to discuss the characters above, and other characters I didn’t include!
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