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  1. heres the rules. 1:if it makes ANY sense at all just leave the thread. 2:no double posting unless its been a week sense the last post. 3:dont end the story ever that just ruins the whole thing. 4:ignore the first rule. 5:if you cant think of anything but think youre post could add to the story just type (scene end)...
  2. The charizard than eat the cookeie and was than told to use flamethrowert blow out a candle that never burns this made him...
  3. Hi We dont bite...ok maybe sometimes.
  4. And than the threads creator foregot this thread exsited for months.
  5. Banned because...IM BANNING YOU!
  6. Ok because nobody reads the first page heres the rules for the peaple who havent read them 1.make no sense. 2.THE MAIN CHARECTERS NAME IS ALFRED VON MEFIMEISTER **** IT!!! 3.The fourth wall is closed for repairs lets overwork the repair men (you can break the fourth wall)
  7. Than killed.........things? Anyways he then...
  8. If i were to promote shanna or sue would it count their promoted level or their overall level.
  9. Banned because youre not breaking the law.
  10. Than said why is ace attorney without a maya anymore he than responded...
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