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  1. The "Trials in the Skies" series has been on my radar for months! So I'm definitely gonna try for that! Don't know what else since the steam site is clearly being overwhelmed at the moment, moving slower then me waking up at 3am in the morning, so I'll wait till later!
  2. Sonic Mania I'm waiting on due to Sonic Mania Plus coming. As for Shantae...I need to beat Pirate's Curse first...been rather slow on that!
  3. Fire Emblem It's weird for me to remember how I shyed from the series as a kid for a bit when my friend told me about it. But I decided to say "screw it", I'll give it a shot. This series is now one of my all time favorites...all because I gave it a shot. It's why I felt like I should give stuff a shot more because "I could find another FE". That said however, I sucked at the games and wasn't as big of a fan till I played Path of Radiance, which I randomly found in a gamestop about 2 years later. My love and passion for this series SKY-ROCKETED at that moment. And so...here I am now. Harvest Moon When I was a kid and Melee was all the rage, I wanted the game so bad since my friend owned it. One day, I saw the case for the game ins Thrift Store and was so happy...till I took it too the front so my mom could buy it...and Harvest Moon Magical Melody was there. I was rather sad it wasn't Melee, but I still gave it a shot because, you know, maybe "it'll be another FE". Surprise, surprise...I ended up playing the game for hours straight without realizing it. I never thought a farming game could be so...fun! It's rather nostolgic for me nowadays. Mario Basebal I'm not really into sports and I sure as heck have never played a real baseball game in my life, but after playing it...I was glued to it! This was one of my friend's games that he let me borrow(along with Melee...he's pretty cool dood, but I haven't talked to him much lately).
  4. Gameplay and story wise, I love Reyson, Leanne, and Rafiel because they're useful overall and the story they have is just interesting. Design goes to Ninian because of how graceful she is and just how kind and sweet she is. Also because her relatioship with Eliwood...love it! If we're talking personality, and personal preference overall...I can't help but love Azura. Fates Story aside, which honestly made characters look bad when they were actually pretty good(like support Xander), She's graceful, beautiful, and is probably the one dancer that I actually used in battle the most. Not a powerhouse, but could at least take a good hit.
  5. Been meaning to try that series out. Kinda forgot it was on Switch! Oh trust me, grinding is NOT an issue. Beisdes...kinda have Disgaea 1 & 2 and Phantom Brave under my belt...unfinished though. I'm near the end of 1, on chapter 3 in 2, and I got halfway in PB 2 years ago, but I gotta restart cuz my save is pretty much gone.
  6. No Mario Od-... *Looks at list* How did I not add that one?! I was sure I did...but then again, my computer restarted when making the topic so maybe it didn't save it up to that point.
  7. Title says it all. After saving enough money, I can finally get a Nintendo Switch...Thank...GOD! However, with SOOO many games on the Switch...I'm kinda indecisive on what to get for now. My aim is to get 3 games at least and it helps with that E3 sale for Splatoon 2 too(which ends on the 21...tomorrow)! But I wanna know...what do you guys suggest? This is a list of games I want for sure: Splatoon 2 FE Warriors Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario & Rabbids Pokken Xenoblade 2 Mario Tennis(which is right around the corner) Bloodstain: Curse of the Moon That's most games I can get now(Mario Tennis being the exception). Anything else I can get when they come out...Like Crash. Games like Blazblue Cross Tag I have for PS4 and I had and beat LoZ Breath of the Wild on Wii U, so cross those out. So yeah, ANY game suggestion will do! Whether it be Eshop only or physical...suggest away!...as long as it ain't horror..I ain't for that crap... Regardless...Thank you in advance!
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. It seems like I wasn't the first to ask this question, but I just couldn't help but wonder cause I'll be honest...issues with Micaiah aside...I like Micaiah as a character. A bit underdeveloped and whatnot, but I still like her. But I wanted to see if the other saw her as a marysue or not. Again, Thanks! It surprises me that there was a time like that. Playing the game years ago, with no real ties to the internet like I have now...I never saw that. Micaiah never seemed marysue-ish to me and I could never understand why people called her that. Also, I love Micaiah's hair! It's really nice! Probably weird to hear a guy say that, but I really like her hair!
  9. Ok, so...this has been bugging for quite some time so I need others thoughts on this....Do you think Micaiah is a Marysue? Why or why not? I ask because some have kinda thrown that name at her and I'm trying to figure why, but I just don't see it. Is because of her ability to see danger or foresight? Not too crazy since she said she was a Fortune teller for a while. Is it because she can do anything without fail? No cause she fails quite a lot when Ike shows up. Is it because she's always right in her decisions...I don't think so either since she ended up letting Jarod go, which kinda backfired. Maybe I'm overlooking something or maybe what I classify as marysue isn't as strict as other people and/or I'm a bit more forgiving if it isn't very strong. Dunno. I know Marysues CAN be wrong, but they usually get stuff right. Some say Ike was being a Garystu in Radiant Dawn, which I can kinda see for certain reasons, but eh....I just can't say for sure. But like I said, what do you guys think? Whatever you gotta say, say it because I'm REALLY curious if others feel that way about Micaiah.
  10. Aaaaaaaand...we're live! Let's party! Link to my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/busterman64
  11. HELLOOOOOOO Everybody! Long time no see!~ It's been awhile since I've on the site. Good to be back! With this E3, I wanted to do something rather new territory for me...streaming and living reacting! If you wanna hang out with me for the Nintendo livestream, you can check out my Twitch around showtime (12PM EST for me...which is in 2 hours right now). I'd really appreciate it! Either way...I hope Nintendo's presentation is good and we all have a good time! Link to my Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/busterman64
  12. You got your questions answered too? Cool! Wonder if anyone else here got their questions answered!
  13. Sad, but to be fair...not only is it a better option to switch over to the newer console...I think that if they continue to make remakes of future FE games...it would be rather hard with the 3DS. I mean think about it...with what we know with FE Echoes:Shadows Of Valentcia and how much effort and resources was put into it...I doubt that they could do that again with FE4 without REALLY spending some cash. It's most likely easier, and more cost efficient. It also means more space too. To give a good example, Awakening was 8,579 blocks or a little over 1 GB. Fates: Conquest was 12,544 blocks (864 Blocks if bought as DLC for Birthright: ) .Fates: Birthright was 12,467 blocks.(787 Blocks if bought as DLC for Conquest: ) 13,331 free blocks in all with those two paths. A little more if you add Revelations to the mix. Thats about 2-3 GBs right there! Considering what we know already about Echoes, I'm sure it will be more then that! So, with that in mind...a remake of FE 4, 5, 6 & 7(whether together as one game or apart as usual), and etc., which are most likely bigger games(in a sense anyway) would be rather money consuming. So what better way to get loads of money then to jump to a console with more capabilities, more space, and honestly, another place to attract new and old fans onto the new console! Something they need to do since if they need bigger cartridges for their games, they're gonna need the money for that and while the 3DS could POSSIBLE pull it off...you can only push that thing so far! Besides, with Fire Emblem as big as it is now, it would be better to be on the rising platform. (I know I kinda repeated myself, but the point still stands! )
  14. @shadowofchaos Hhhhmmm...with that little detail in mind...would you rather I delete this topic or leave it up(and edit the topic to fit with this)?
  15. Oops, sorry man. It would be bad if I helped make it bigger then it actually is. I was too happy that all I thought of was spreading this news. Hope you don't mind too much...and again...Sorry...
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