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  1. Just wanted to point out that Riev always mentions him being excommunicated when at the start of the battle. That being said, I agree that he has little relevancy in the overall plot. He's the least interesting of the 3 "evil generals" imo
  2. What happens when a unit reaches lv 99 through eternal seals? Can you get 3 digit levels, or is there a hard cap? EDIT : Wiki states that the maximum level is 99, so I guess that means characters cant use eternal seals anymore at that point;
  3. Tbh I don't find the support system itself to be that bad, for the reasons you've just given ; its just the numbers attributed to most support pairs who make little to no sense gameplay-wise. What I mean is, if the developers actually wanted players to actively use the system, they should have given Renault at least 5pts per turn on every pair. The way its implemented just makes the support system not really interesting, except maybe for the lords Some of these flaws have been addressed in FE8, which gives you all the possible supports from the beginning and has faster support growths overall (most pairs get at least 2pts per turn)
  4. So after reading the info on how the support conversations actually work... Characters gain support points once per turn if adjacent to each other, and need 240 points to reach A support from 0 points... Which means that if I want to see Bartre x Renault A supp, they have to spend 240 turns next to each other. Given that Renault joints at a point where there's something like 40 turns left before the end of the game in normal gameplay conditions, isnt that a bit excessive? In that case, the support system actually encourages the player to stall their victory and spend turns just...waiting? Or is there something I missed in the support system? I'd like to hear other opinions on this!
  5. I'm on Eirika's route, so I should be fine anyway Besides, I think the story could even still make sense if we imagine that Eirika took her brother's bracelet after he died. I don't remember Ephraim himself being absolutely necessary to the story apart for inheriting the throne... But well, it's my first time doing Eirika's route, so I might be wrong
  6. This list is definitely god tier on my tier list tier list. 10/10 would tier list again. Honestly, made me giggle, most of the characters are described spot on. Couldnt have done that when I was 8 myself, the first time I played FE I started to panic out of fear to see my units die and ended up not playing until I was 18...
  7. That's a nice idea. He would still take a mandatory slot in my army though. Besides, can't Eirika seize instead of him?
  8. So... Ephraim died of overexposition on ch 15, from an unlucky javelin (he had around 15~20% chance of death on the whole turn). Well, bad RNG is no excuse, and moments like this happen in every run I guess. But what should I do with my save now? When starting my run, I planned to do no resets at all (which I didnt do), and to delete my save should a game over occur. Now the thing is... I really dont wanna delete my save and start all over. On the one hand, the point of my run was to do something a little more realistic and dramatic than your everyday "reset-whenever-someone-dies" run, and to spare myself the task of restarting some maps because of silly mistakes. On the other, resetting from the beginning would be exactly that : doing the same maps all over again, just because of one blunder (and bad luck) . To be honest, I'd keep playing without Ephraim if I could, but you gotta respect plot armor, amirite? So there it is. What would you do in my situation? What do you guys think I should do? Its my first time getting a game over in ironman, so i'd be interested to know what's your opinion on this. EDIT : after careful consideration, I decided to delete my save and restart completely. I didnt want to restart ch 15 just to bench Ephraim.After all, its only 14 chapters to redo, and it fits better the spirit of ironman imo ; thats what "game over" means originally, right?
  9. Well thanks for all these answers. I'll probably go for a normal classic run once I finish my Conquest playthrough.
  10. Since enemies dont use pairup in Awakening, not using pairup with your own units seems only fair. I'm certainly not the first one to have this idea, so I wanted to share some thoughts about this : how harder would the game become without using pairup at all? I'm planning to try that in normal difficulty, but would hard mode become really hard? And has anyone ever attempted a no pairup Lunatic run? Thanks for any thoughts or opinions on this! There might be a topic about that already, but i was too lazy to search beyond the second page...
  11. Agreed. One thing Fire Emblem never disappointed me with is its music. Fates was no exception, and I'm sure the next one can do a great job in getting its musical uniqueness too. Still. Bring back Together we ride, and I'll be a happy dolphin.
  12. I don't have them, but since you're playing birthright, you can also have them through A-support Shiro and friendhip seal. And a few levels grinding.
  13. Well if I understood correctly what @joshcja wrote, hit rolls are run with only one random number in fates, instead of two like in all the others FE games since binding blade. This indeed results in a more cruel rng, and I'm actually curious as to why this decision was made. Does anyone have information about that?
  14. He's up in my castle : 13706-15592-23662-90337 I'm surprised it's so hard to comee by, given how good of a mage Forrest can be. I'm myself looking for Midori with Tomefaire, does anyone have it?
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