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  1. Has blushing bunny lady for an avatar.
  2. Hinoka!Selkie as a Master Ninja (S-Rank w/ Asugi)
  3. Wanderer -A fighter who travels alone, trying only to survive. Proficient in swords and daggers. Promotes to: Vigilante or Hermit Maximum Weapon Ranks: B A Skills: -Lv1: Introvert (Grants the user +1Skl, +1Spd and +2Lck when there are no units within five tiles of them.) -Lv10: Slow Course (Allows the unit to heal up to 10% of their HP by using the "Wait" command.) Growth Rates: 15 HP – 10 STR – 5 MAG – 20 SKL – 5 LCK – 15 SPD – 10 DEF – 5 RES Maximum Stats: 35 HP – 19 STR – 5 MAG – 30 SKL – 12 LCK – 18 SPD – 13 DEF – 5 RES Vigilante -One who has returned from solitude to enact their brutal vision of justice. Skilled with swords and bows, proficient with daggers. Promotes from: Wanderer Maximum Weapon Ranks: S S A Skills: -Lv5: Revengeance (+5 to STR and SPD when this unit is below half health) -Lv15: Death Sentence (Proc Skill (%Skl) that grants the user 1.5x STR for one attack.) Growth Rates: 15 HP – 20 STR – 2 MAG – 25 SKL – 5 LCK – 20 SPD – 10 DEF – 2 RES Max Stats: 40 HP – 35 STR – 5 MAG – 32 SKL – 15 LCK – 25 SPD – 18 DEF – 7 RES Hermit -An eccentric loner familiar with the ways of the world. Proficient in staves, daggers and swords. Promotes from: Wanderer Maximum Weapon Ranks: S B A Skills: -Lv5: Herbal Tea (-2 STR and MAG to all enemy units within 5 blocks of the user.) -Lv15: Generosity (Healing this unit also heals the healer 25% of their HP.) Growth Rates: 20 HP – 12 STR – 20 MAG – 15 SKL – 15 LCK – 15 SPD – 10 DEF – 10 RES Maximum Stats: 40 HP – 20 STR – 20 MAG – 30 SKL – 15 LCK – 18 SPD – 15 DEF – 15 RES
  4. Is a fan of either Gintama or Japanese history.
  5. Azura x Odin, and make Ophelia a Dark Flier with Shadowgift.
  6. Just out of curiosity, do the children's hair colors change in this map, or do they have their default portraits?
  7. Soleil, Ophelia, and Caeldori (who is, in my headcanon, the daughter of Selena) often saw each other growing up and consider themselves as cousins. Also, in my headcanon, Selkie is the daughter of Hinoka, and part of the reason she's so reckless (jumps off a cliff in her C-Support with her mother, thinks of battle as a "game") is because she doesn't entirely understand how Dragon Vein works and thinks she could use it to protect herself if things went REALLY south.
  8. I'll recommend Hinoka for Sophie, and Niles for Shigure (and, by extension, Azura for Nina).
  9. I'd recommend not pairing two royal units together (i.e. don't pair the avatar and Azura, or Sakura and Leo, for example) to give you as many Dragon Veins as possible. EDIT: I might recommend Hinoka for Sophie and Flora (Felicia's twin, you get her by getting a turret to level 3) for Kanna. EDIT 2: Niles and Azura, as well.
  10. I have a head-canon in Revelations that Xander marries one of the Hoshidan siblings, which makes the alliance at the end of the game just than much stronger. It's based in literally nothing because you can marry any two units together, but it's part of my own personal head-canon, so.
  11. Apparently it will release at 9:00 CST (7AM PST/10AM EST); or in four hours after my posting this.
  12. NOA is based in Seattle, where it is (at the time of my typing this) 3:07 AM. Here on the East Coast, it's 6:07AM, and I have tried and failed to download it as well. They must be waiting to release it for some reason.
  13. I have a brief question pertaining to Dragon Vein: So say, hypothetically, I pair Niles to Azura. This would yield me Nina and Shigure as children. Now, given that Azura, as a royal, can use Dragon Vein, it makes sense that Shigure, being her son regardless of parental choice, could as well. However, Nina's mother can be either royal or non-royal; yet, in this case, her mother is a royal, which would give Nina royal blood. In this hypothetical, could Nina also use Dragon Vein?
  14. So, are the children from the future or is there just a timeskip?
  15. ...how to hack skills onto units in Fire Emblem: Awakening, that'd be great. Sorry if a thread like this already exists, I was just unable to find it.
  16. I drove to the store and paid like ten bucks for a 24-pack of the things. Seriously, Klondike Bars come cheap.
  17. Is exactly five months younger than me (assuming the birthdate on your profile is correct).
  18. My Male MU is called Rio. He's Build 1, Face 4, Hair 5, Hair Color 5, Voice 2. You can see him in my profile picture. He's +Res -Lck statwise and generally marries either Maribelle or Lucina. My female MU is called Ryo (so, change in lettering, no change in pronunciation). She's Build 1, Face 1, Hair 3, Hair Color 5, and Voice 3. Statwise, I do +Spd -Skl and marry whoever the hell I feel like marrying on that given play through.
  19. I'd go: Pegasus Knight Lv10 --> Tactician Lv20 --> Great Knight Lv5 --> Mercenary Lv10 --> Hero Lv5 --> Mage Lv20 --> Sage For an ending set of a Sage Morgan with Luna, Sol, Armsthrift, Galeforce and Limit Breaker. Alternatively, you could replace Limit Breaker with the Sage's Tomefaire if you don't have that DLC.
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