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  1. He did. Odd. Could be a new bug maybe with the update. I’ll have to try again when I get around to my maddening GD playthrough.
  2. Was maddening always supposed to limit the amount of dlc items you can get from the convoy box thing? Asking for a friend because the game wasnt letting him yet I remember a while back testing early into its release I was able to pick all that was available up.
  3. So with NG+ and Skill levels, is it just the previous playthrough that gets passed, or does it assume all previous playthroughs assuming you start a NG+ chain. For example, File A Byleth gets S+ in swords, then File B swords only get to B+, an finally in File C say I want to go straight to S+ in swords, will it pass down assuming this is a NG+ chain where you complete one then move to the next. From what I understood it felt like that was the case with what I've experienced so far but I may be mistaken. Though to be fair considering the cheap method to skill farm this probably is a moot point, at least in normal and on any non-ng+ saves. Beyond that I'm also trying to figure out what I should do for a non-ng+ maddening playthrough on which route will be the easiest to run as well as how to optimize skill gains and stat gains without being cheap most efficiently. I'm assuming though with how good CF units are (Including El's Ayrmr cheesing) that CF is probably the easiest (and shortest) of the four to do a maddening run. the main thing after that would be figuring out who would be the best recruits to pick for it (probably Lysithea and Felix as usual with optimal grinding, Lorenz too simply as an accessory to give Lysithea Thyrsus.)
  4. Pretty much to add my two cents, as people have been pointing out, yeah Rhea could have kept everything in line. Unfortunately she chose not to for whatever reason. As for the books in the library, But anyways, yeah it’d be nice to have a route where El and co. can just have a nice sit down and talk to each other about the problems they got and what they want to do. Literally that’s all there was to having a united front against Thales and co. and Dimitri probably could have tried to get with his childhood crush (even though they were technically And Claude wouldn’t have to dorty his hands with the lives of innocents to pave a better future. And also Randolph and Ladislava would live too. Maybe even hook up and have a happy Fleche seeing her beloved brother grow more.
  5. I like everyone. Absolutely amazing writing experience in this game. As for my actual response though. (Be prepared, EXTREEEEEEEMELY LONG POST coming.) And that, is all.
  6. Okay thanks. That’s the answer I was looking for and am glad I can finally get on with the map now.
  7. Does it end the same no matter who you kill the boss with, or does say
  8. According to one of his abilities he presumably negates damage from every other attacker, or at least my fliers weren't doing crap to him so I did chip damage over a couple turns with Felix and Byleth and just using my fliers and canto units that can take a hit to trigger his ability's negate effect and then swap in the other chipper and healing them back to full after each round. Mages in general can do more damage to him such as Lysithea capable of nuking like 45% of his health, but in most scenarios he's probably gonna yeet them in one go so they are only really good for doing the final blow.
  9. You need to grab the G Flower (forgot the name) from the botanist location and give that to her.
  10. Should I hold off on doing A rank support if I want certain units to have their paired endings or no? Also is there a dedicated list out yet of what endings are paired and what supports don’t unlock any ending? I swear IS really had to make supports and endings related to them very confusing this time. Would have preferred the Fates/Awakening route with an A+/S to denote platonic or romantic results and just leaving everything else that doesn’t have a specific ending at A instead of defaulting an A for everyone and using the Close Ally indicator to have some idea what endings you’ll be getting.
  11. Played on Black Eagles and the map itself was very easy, only because they it was designed to incentivize boss rushing. The way it worked out for me is I brought a lot of torches for sight, moved Marianne out of the boss’s attack range early on, and primarily worked most of my units left and maybe like three or so north to take some enemies there. As for the boss, his aggro seems to be on a turn timer because he started moving like turn 4 or so and nobody was in his attack range. The moment he started moving though I just had everyone that was towards the middle focus on attacking the boss and he went down with little issue. As for the other beasts, I had my Paladin Ferdinand Avo tanking some on a forest tile to the left, whilst my northeast crew was tanky enough to not worry about getting hit by the mobs for much so they helped out with putting down the boss asap. Personally when it comes to paralogues, the most annoying one I had to deal with so far is Leonie’s and Linhardt’s for similar reasons as in this one.
  12. Flayn for me. Though I now pepehands cuz Edgelord route.
  13. Nah, they just exchange some words. He does have more flavor text down the road about the encounter if you recruit him on Edelgard’s path.
  14. Story. I don’t know about Shamir IIRC I was able to use her that month, as for Hubert, there’s story reasons why he’s unavailable that month.
  15. So does anyone know how to cook the stat fish/veggies and what they do exactly. I have literally 71 Teutates Pikes and a fair amount of other stuff where the flavor text says it provides stat bonuses. Assuming that is correct though my next question is are those bonuses permanent or just for a map. Also how do amiibos work exactly? I thought it’d function like Warriors/Pokken where there’s daily limits to grab items but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Nor with scanning once a month or something. Granted I’ve still been getting items, but not a lot and inconsistently so I’m really curious on how it functions so I can maximize my benefits.
  16. I don't know if this has been answered, but does anyone know how to scroll the character list on the monastery map. Annoys me when there's more characters clustered in one areas and I can't see them all in the list.
  17. Recently heard about this and in my mind I'm just screaming. Now I have to get a M!Kamu amiibo when I originally planned not to and he's sold out everywhere at retailers and is only on resellers now. Only about $10 more than retail though which isn't THAT bad....buuuut I can't wait to see how that's going to last with 3H out now. Prices likely gonna go up to match F!Kamu.
  18. I guess in exchange for no midnight release physical or digital for working up my stream with everyone else, pins, and so forth, at least it appears I get security in my order for purchasing via Best Buy. Also I still have my GCU so I saved $20 on the the LE copy. Guess I should count my blessings then. Really sucks this happened to you. I remember something similar with Fates like one person above mentioned, and luckily I was still able to get my copy from GameStop back then. My local one also knew about the keychains and I got that along with the game and to this day the three still dangle around with my keys and assorted third party keychain membership cards.
  19. Tfw Edelgard shares you’re bday. Nice but also weird. Especially considering iirc other FE charts are close, but not the same date. On that point growths seem pretty nice overall.
  20. Basically following off my previous account identities from other networking sites (YT, Serebii, Twitter, FB, etc.). As for the origin of my identity as Kane, it primarily started from when I didn't have any other decent original internet identity back in the good ol days of 2010 as all my previous accounts as a youth was just Ash (in reference to Pokemon's Ash Ketchup) and some numbers. Come one day after having binged the Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki OVA series, I went on to the movie releases and kinda found a chord in the main villain's name of one of the movies (which I now know is a biblical reference in Cain rather than the Kane spelling I interpreted it as.) Combine that with my - absolute and undying adoration and love for dragons as my favourite mythological creature that I kinda got from my mother and video games only served to reinforce - and boom, I got my internet identity.
  21. The thirst for knowledge, hype increases, and overall confirmation bias. When I hear a spoiler I can believe it, but at the same time I also unconsciously don't believe it until I see it happen. And hearing it in text on the internet is substantially different than physically seeing things play out because a lot of details are omitted such as the events leading up to the reveal, the details and expressions of the characters; the atmosphere, tone, and music. All of that normally isn't described and when hearing it as text on a web page it's as colorful or as dull as one's imagination allows it to be. This is why I personally don't particularly care for spoilers when it comes to games, movies, or books. In essence it's the philosophical viewpoint that one's reality is what lies right in front of them rather than what others tell them what reality is. Basically do you allow yourself and your opinions and thoughts to be what others tell you it should be or are you an independent thinker that will accept given information but not fully put your cards into it until you verify the facts yourself.
  22. Okay, good to know. As for what Master classes we know so far, I'm liking how a lot of those are turning out.
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