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  1. Wahhhhhh screw you, reaper! He was recovering so well, couldn't he AT LEAST have gotten to do next year's presentation!
  2. Truly tragic.. a piece of Nintendo's heart and soul is gone. Directs won't be the same without him.
  3. I feel you, man. I suppose there isn't much you can really do other than waiting a few years for the game(by which point you will likely be over it). In most situations, I would advise that you explain to your parents(or whomever your legal guardians are) WHY this game's rating is so high, but in this case it would likely just make things worse.
  4. You wish you could be this mediocre.

  5. Yeah...that one got me. I just imagine him lying on the battlefield calling out to his wyvern... geez, that's tragic
  6. There's nothing inherently offensive about the character whatsoever, I'm just a bit paranoid because of the localization of a certain Paper Mario character.(Albeit that was a few years ago.)
  7. I browsed the thread regarding what may be censored in the NA versions of the games, and a particular concern struck me..Will Foleo's gender be changed to female in the NA versions? I know that it may seem silly, especially considering that Foleo can only marry females, but I fear that they may butcher the character as a result of cultural differences. I know this is unlikely, but I would like to gauge the opinions of others on the issue.
  8. I believe that after a marriage is consummated and a baby is produced the parents become worried for the safety of the babies. As a result, the babies are placed in an alternate dimension where time passes much more quickly than the real world.However, time feels as if it is passing normally. Additionally the parents visited their children occasionally, hence some of the support dialogue. Eventually, the children are somehow transported to the regular world where they fight as adults.(I'm pretty sure that's how it works)
  9. This 100%. I REALLY doubt the localization teams will let this slip through the cracks. Here's to hoping this mess will be fixed.
  10. Nah. Besides, the spoiler is not played up (it is offscreen).It doesn't really impact anything at all because it's at the very,very end.
  11. @dragonlordsd You probably already knew this, but it's Awakening-sized based solely on length. Personally, I'm fine with the small cast of characters because in every FE game I've played I only use my 12 or so favorite characters and I end up feeling super disappointed when I get to the final chapter and realize that I only used a fairly small fraction of the characters. Besides, if both Hoshido and Nohr had a cast of Awakening's size, imagine how much work would have to go into character design,supports, personalities,etc. Hoping for so many characters was a little unrealistic. EDIT: To be fair, the "clones" actually do get a fair bit of development. I.E.: The avatar's S support with Luna, Odin and Lazward's supports and even the Awakening DLC.
  12. Blashphemy! My Leon will marry Charlotte for Maribelle 2.0!
  13. I can't wait to see you end up being correct and then watching the world burn.
  14. As some of you may know, in the Hoshido twitch stream,
  15. My favourite is Ophelia, closely followed by Midoriko. I look forward to vigorously waifing the both of them.
  16. No matter what, Nintendo is on the right track with this.
  17. Ummm...yeah... Never thought I'd see the day where a fire emblem character straight up asks you if you're hard or not.
  18. It is a little weird, especially considering how common the word "tsunami" is.:P
  19. Hoshido:Either Kazahna,who had caught my eye from the beginning, or Crimson,who seems interesting. Nohr:Effie,because I like her design a and what we know of her personality, or possibly Luna because potatoes.
  20. I legitimately hope that this becomes canon. Just imagine Garon doodling fashion designs on his throne while wearing eccentric reading glasses.
  21. Waitwaitwait! Sooo Mikoto possibly DIES in the explosion when Sakura calls out to her. Kamui tries to kill Aqua. Aqua seems guilty when pleading to Kamui. Aqua has a glowy purple secret. The explosion was purplish. Could Aqua be (purposely or accidentally) responsible for Mikoto's possible death, hence Kamui trying to kill her?
  22. Wait a second! Did we see a possible death scene for Elise? She's crying, the focus is on her lower face, and she tells someone to "try to be at peace"(trying to relieve someone's(Kamui's?) guilt over her being mortally wounded. If she dies in a cinematic....ugh .
  23. Am I the only one that's not a fan of the M!Kamui voice we heard in the trailer?
  24. It was my dad that introduced me to gaming. He liked "retro" games, so my first experiences were with Sonic and Knuckles and Super Mario 64. I don't quite remember, but I think I was 3 or 4 at the time.
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