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  1. People aren't trying their best to "make the series crash and burn" we're just critiquing things are are awful and and DESERVE to be critiqued. Being secretly drugged is a big and real problem for women and men alike and is the reason why I keep my cup so close to me when I go to parties, this was a bad support and really needs to get changed in the localization. That's not even addressing the LGBT aspect of the supports and it's very questionable that Soleil is stated to dislike men but then suddenly falls in love with M!Kamui. You're able to love things and address the problems with them because that's how franchises and series improve!
  2. Did we get Yukimura yet? I could've sworn there should've been more units than this?
  3. Man I hope they do the thing where we get bonus maps to recruit characters like Gangrel or Priam in Awakening! I hope we get Draj, Nacht, Lala and Ganz although it wouldn't make sense for some of them to be on Hoshido
  4. Omg on her battle model Mozume's knees shake, haha thats so cute
  5. Yeah! I forget where I read it but you adopt both Kana and Eponine if you go for Zero and just Kana if you go for Shara
  6. I know this is kinda stupid but has it been confirmed that all the characters with crit portaits are playable? I assumr Rinkah's dad and maybe some other characters on the sheet arent recruitable but I really hope that the lady with the fancy hat is recruitable....I need her!
  7. Wait is Flannel her namer or her fathers because I heard a couple people call the wolf man Flannel?
  8. Not sure if anyone saw but we have a new Golden Kite Rider right under Subaki, next to the blue haired guys portait http://imgur.com/XhAm3JB
  9. Whelp after this chapter we'll be getting completely new content, fingers crossed for wolf dude (Flannel?)!
  10. Please let Ganz be recruitable omg
  11. Did anyone manage to snag a pic of the hoshido puppeteer? I'm really interested in him
  12. Uhhhh Lilith is really cute in her human form
  13. NOOOOO I missed him! Darn it he was the character I was most excited to see leaked!
  14. Omg when I saw that the stream didn't work on my iPad I immediately went for my computer, Im so excited!
  15. Whelp I can't wait until everyone leaks the characters lol, but really l don't wanna get spoiled on the story like I did with a certain daughter in Awakening!
  16. Omg I'm so dumb, thanks for clearing it up!
  17. Wait there are three different kinds of shapeshifters? Where did we find out about the bambi if you don't mind me asking?
  18. I'm kinda worried now,I was really hoping for same-sex marriage but now with this leak I'm upset it might not appear :/. Plus does this mean the unlimited support options like in awakening? Idk I really hope that there are other ways to s-support your units rather than just romantically......
  19. Okay NGL I'm totally gonna pair up my Kamui and Asama...he's so cute! Setsuna looks kinda sassy but also kinda quiet
  20. I just realized that beast units can promote now......that Nohr wolf boy's red costume suits him much better as does Nishiki's white costume. Also is it just me or is the Nohr Wolf boy's voice much higher than expected lol?
  21. No Problem! As for the classes that bird Hinoka is riding in one of her promotions kinda reminds me of a pheasant. Asama looks pretty interesting too. I'm surprised Oorochi can promote (reclass?) into a lancer unit and Tsukuyomi looks spurt cute in his get up lol
  22. Not sure if anyone saw these but there's new videos introducing classes in both versions of Fire Emblem Fates! Nohr: https://youtu.be/4WjKqx6iTFk Hoshido: https://youtu.be/bcDpKihUWTY
  23. I'm sooo excited! Hopefully we get a few new characters although I'm expecting that they'll play some of the first six chapters considering they're non-route specified
  24. Probaly more info on magic and the diffrent staves we can get. As for characters I would love to see the blue haired glasees guy who's possibly a puppetmaster, I wonder why he was in the throne room lol. Speaking of throne rooms I would also like to see the mysterious person who's standing next to Garon.
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