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  1. o/

    1. Junkhead
    2. BK-201


      Was surprised to find you still around :p just wanted to drop in and see if the population changed much

  2. And if you get them a cubicle, remove corporal punishment and replace with existential dread.
  3. Not 100% sure, but from what I recall you could stack it on structures but not proc it on structures. This let you hold it and just give people a smack while sieging every so often.
  4. Spent $10 total which was primarily to buy the S3 CLG icon.
  5. Playing through Nocturne and FES slowly. Finished P4. I think the Persona games have a very different atmosphere at least in comparison to Nocturne. It's hard to judge Nocturne with how little I've played, so I'll just say I prefer FES to P4.
  6. That's probably not the healthiest choice. I can only speak for where I go but meal plans are designed for profit so get off that when you can. Learn to cook because it'll save you money and weight.
  7. Yeah, she's his wife who gets kidnapped by Ravana.
  8. I don't know about golden armor but the only notable armor I remember is the armor that Karna had which was taken away from him. Pretty much all the characters that matter have magical weapons of some sort. The point of the story really isn't the power levels at all which are relatively static throughout IIRC. Similar in Ramayana, Rama pretty much fucks up whoever he wants but it's really not that important that he's able to.
  9. FE10's earlygame was way more unbearable IMO. Or maybe I suck.
  10. Which one was worse? Do you believe all sides were equal in all regards?
  11. "Gucci" after hearing my roommate say it on loop over a year.
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