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    Fire Emblem games are fun.
    I play ssbm competitively, and am learning programming
    Guitar player.
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  1. Akaenia


    I am a scrub at programming lol. I'm learning Java in class, and know html and css. I'm currently focused on a Hard Awakening file right now. I want it to be optimal, but not too time consuming.
  2. Akaenia


    I've lurked on this website for a long time, and just decided to make an account on a whim. I have enjoyed fire emblem games since the gba days, when I bought Sacred Stones. A little more about me, I play Super Smash Brothers Melee competitively, and am a Marth main :D I've been playing guitar for 2 years, and am learning programming My favorite food to go out and eat is probably sushi. I'll enjoy meeting everyone on here.
  3. Lurked on here since 2011.

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