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Hi, I'm Mox.

I started playing Fire Emblem (Awakening) in 2014 and have been slowly playing the older games since then because I completely fell in love with the series and everything it entails.

I've currently started writing a Fire Emblem Fates fan fiction titled "A Minute Before Dawn".


A Minute Before Dawn (AMBD) Chapters



Teresa’s struggles with her tome training acts as the unsuspecting catalyst to launch the growing Nohrian princess into a series of cascading events dictated by the right hand of fate - preparing her for her role as something bigger than she thinks.

Arc 1 - Blooming Moon

Princess Teresa of Nohr continues to struggle with tomes and commences preparation for Camilla's upcoming wedding - little did she know these events would catapult her into a treacherous journey of self-discovery, romance and sacrifice.


Ch. 1 - Crescent Bud (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 2 - In the High House (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 3 - The Red Headed Concubine (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 4 - Salt, Soil and Sky (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 5 - Of Masks and Men (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 6 - The Inherited Advisor (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 7 - Melancholy Sky (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 8 - A Poet's Hearth (fanfiction.net) (archieveofourown.org)

Ch. 9 - An Unbidden Shadow (fanfiction.net) (archiveofourown.org)

Ch. 10 - Bishops Waltz (fanfiction.net) (archieveofourown.org)

Ch. 11 - Letters from Sister (fanfiction.net) (archieveofourown.org)

Ch. 12 - Lifeblood's Monsters (fanfiction.net) (archieveofourown.org)




Fire Emblem Game Progress



Fire Emblem Games that I'm currently playing/completed:

Awakening [Completed]

Binding Blade [Completed]

Rekka no Ken [Completed]

Sacred Stones [Completed]

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Conquest/Revelations [Completed]

Fire Emblem Games that i'm planning to play:

Gaiden [Yet to Acquire]

Genealogy of the Holy War [Yet to Acquire]

Thracia 776 [Yet to Acquire]

Path of Radiance [Yet to Acquire]

Radiant Dawn [Yet to Acquire]

Mystery of the Emblem [Yet to Acquire]

Three Houses [Yet to Acquire]




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