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  1. I can't seam to find any good advice for fun being a decent pairing for FCorrin. I heard the better route was to use Mcprrin, but I'm not going for lunatic or anything hardcore, or restarting my game. Just wanted sugesttions for building a MALE Kana. Help!
  2. Hey there, so I might have made some wrong decisions when pairing and already saved over my data and don't want to restart my game (again). I'm not playing on any hard settings but could use some advice for the rest of my pairings. Here goes... Sumia x chrom Sully x stahl lissa x ricken Cordelia x LQ Nowi x donnel The following are free Olivia Cherche Panne Tharaja Maribelle Muriel MU Fem Free men Fred Vaike Virion Kellem Gaius Gregor Henry Libra Any advice (other than restart) would be amazing. Thanks!
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