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  1. Back when fates first released, I was super excited to hear that wifi battles were finally making a return from Shadow Dragon. They might be a bit janky, but I love this kind of stuff. Well, one thing turned to another, and I didn't really get a chance to try it out. Now that the game's been out a few years (and presumably the meta has settled), I'm really curious to hear what's really considered meta. Stuff like team compositions, skill builds, weapons, all that juicy stuff. For that matter, is online really a thriving thing at this point? I'm kinda surprised not to see much discussion on it.
  2. Definitely love the sound of this, can't wait to see where this goes!
  3. Sounds like you have a pretty solid start to your hack! The story sounds interesting so far, and your plans on drive are well organized. Definitely the way to go, as opposed to jumping right into the editor. One bit of advice, if you plan to add any patches to your hack, I recommend doing so sooner rather than later, to prevent issues in the future. I can speak from experience, it isn't a good time. I'll definitely keep an eye out for your project!
  4. Hey! Quick question involving the super trainees. I know that you unlock them after beating both routes of the story. If I don't train the trainees during these initial playthroughs, will I be able to promote them to their super trainee classes on these older files, or do I have to start an entirely new file to access them?
  5. Looks like I'm pretty late to the party. I'm guessing they're sold by now?
  6. I'll take a crack at it: Ranger Re-work: - Change Ranger to Beastmaster - Gains the summon command (change summons to the wolf monster sprite, can't remember the name. I don't know how much you can edit with summons, but if you can, change their weapons to the wolf's monster weapon. Optional: Give the summons the swordmaster crit bonus. Exclude if you feel it would be too powerful.) - Neimi now starts as a LV.1 Beastmaster. Her starting items include an Iron Bow, Slim Sword, and Vulnerary. - Boost Neimi's growths by 5% strength, 10% defense, and 5% skill. Ewan Re-work: - Super Pupil renamed to Scholar. Starts with a weapon rank of C in Amina/Light/Dark, but looses access to staves. (I think super pupil could use staves, at least) - Ewan now starts as a LV.3 Scholar. His starting items are Thunder, Shine, and Luna, plus a vulnerary. - Boost his growths by 15% strength, and 10% speed.
  7. Sounds fun! -Moulder is now a Lv.1 summoner. He starts with a heal staff, a Smite tome (see below), and your choice of either a Sleep Staff, or a Beserk staff. -Summoner class now summons armored knights, affectionately named "Boulders" -Summoner class has light magic. They start with a light rank of C, and a staff rank of C. -Status staves how have 5 uses, as opposed to 3. -New Tome, Smite. 1-3 range light tome, with an added 15% crit chance, but cannot double. Might 6, uses 20, weight 5, sell price 900.
  8. This ought to be fun! -Sophia: Starts at LV.10 (adjust bases accordingly) , with rank C in both Dark Magic, and Staves. Comes with a Rescue staff. Has 1 more con, and has both her Magic and Resistance growth increased by 15%. -Armored Knights: Gain 1 movement, and gain access to bows. -New Weapon: Lightning Rod. A 1-2 range bow, with 25 uses, 7 might, 95 accuracy, rank C, and crit chance of 10. Sell worth, 1000. Recommend using the thunder animation. -Wendy: Starts 3 levels higher (adjust bases accordingly). Her HP growth becomes 120%, her defense growth becomes 65%, and her resistance growth becomes 25%. If you apply the above suggestion, start her out with rank C in bows, and with a Lightning Rod. -Niime: Level reduced to 10 (but keeps current base stats). All of her growths become -65% (simulating aging. Might be an interesting concept to apply to some of the other older units. Haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure you can do this.) -Ogier: Class changed into a Soldier. Comes with a Slim Lance, a Javelin, and a Vulnerary. Has rank C lance. Strength and Skill growth is increased by 15%. -Slim Weapons have their usage rank increased to C, but gain the brave quality. -Increase Vulnerary healing (either 15 or 20) -New Tome: Sinister (or Lust). A 1-3 range dark tome, with the devil attribute. Give it a high weight too, so users are unlikely to double. -Overall, increase the growth rates of enemy units (try something like 20-30% stronger, and adjust as you see fit)
  9. Not sure if you're still looking for help, but if you have a list of changes you'd like made, I wouldn't mind making you a patch. Just let me know if you're interested.
  10. Thanks for the help everyone! Looking at me first post, I can't believe I forgot to even put the event at all. :/ At this point though, I'll probably just try to convert it into Fe8 code, and post it here if I run into any problems. Another small question, I don't suppose there is a patch to apply a custom battle frame into fe8? I know one existed for fe7, and my attempt to do it manually...didn't turn out as expected. I figure it's worth asking about before I try again.
  11. Hello! So, I've been on again off again messing around with learning how to hack fe7 for a while now. Recently though, I decided that for my first actual project, I'd really like to try and move on to fe8 because it's what all the cool kids are doing, and it's my favorite in the series. Only issue is now I have to figure out what I can and can't keep doing from what I've been learning. I know that the Ultimate Guide goes over both, but given how many people are starting to hack fe8 all of a sudden, I figured it was worth asking again. 1. Can mugs and character battle animations formatted for fe7 be used in fe8 without having to edit them? 2. Are there any changes that I have to make to fe7 events to make them work in fe8? Specifically, I use Eventiel ( http://tebrigade.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=Pages&pid=2 ) for the base of my events, and add in the smaller details afterwards. I included the event data for an (unfinished) early chapter I was making in the spoiler at the bottom of the post. If there's anything major that needs changing for fe8, could you point it out to me? 3. Random extra question, is it possible to give a "use" effect to a weapon (similar to the Fruit Knife in fates)? Sorry for all the newbie questions, I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to this sort of thing.
  12. Just have to say, you guys have great avatars! On a serious note, I've found that sometimes I get locked out of visiting other castles until I let the game update my own. Try updating your own castle, and do a quick battle/skirmish (or reload the game), and see if it fixes things.
  13. Sorry if I'm missing something, but where would the Hosido/Nohr Noble classes fit on the tier list?
  14. I've heard that DLC skills cannot be bought from MyCastle battles, but it is at all possible (through logbook, ext) to transfer the warp skill (or other gender-locked DLC skill) to a male MU?
  15. I just ordered a copy of FE:If (Hosido), and should be getting it within a few days. I was a big fan of online battles back with Shadow Dragon, and I'm hoping to jump right into preparing a competitive team. Keeping in mind that I'll only have Hosido access, I'm very curious to hear what classes/characters/skills/weapons are recommended for online play. As a side note, I'm thinking of making my Avatar a magic class. Is there any suggestions for what magic classes work well online?
  16. I have just a few small questions regarding save data (all apply to a physical cartridge): 1. Is save data saved on the cartridge (opposed to on the SD card)? Essentially, can I start playing on one 3ds, and continue on another? 2. Seeing as the two other storys can only be gotten as DLC (or just the third if you're using the special edition cart), are those saves still stored on the cart? 3. If you have more than 3 save files, are those also saved on the cart?
  17. Thanks for the help everyone! Thanks for the link. I've been having a bit of trouble applying it, and getting it to work. To clarify, the only file I need to use/apply is the impl.dmp file correct, or am I missing something obvious here? One other likely simple question that I can't seem to find an answer to, could someone please explain / link to an explanation on how to set up a chapter event file that uses the preparations screen? The main things I'm stumped on is how I can set the number of units allowed, setting required units, and how to set the locations in which these units are allowed to start. (In short, pretty much everything to do with the prep screen )
  18. Since I started hacking about a week ago, I've more or less been working on the bare bones of my project, just getting the hang of things. Now that I'm getting into the meat of hacking though, I did come across a few questions. I'm pretty sure they're all simple enough not to warrant individual topics, though. 1. Is it possible to change the level limit on a per class basis, and if so, how? (Example: Marth from FE1 could be LV. 30) 2. If I insert some maps for testing, but later decide to change them up (be it tileset / size / etc.) can I simply re-insert them over the old maps, or would they take up a different amount of space now? 3. Same as above, but for events (added in an event without text to test, later inserting same event, but with text / more in it) 4, How do I go about setting if a unit is weak to bows? 5. How do I go about setting the terrain movement of classes? Thank you!
  19. Although most resources from his old topic aren't available anymore, there are a handful from 2012 still on there. Still, he recommended I search for his updated stuff instead. Thanks for sharing the resources you do have! Edit: For anyone currious, his old topic can be found here. The last few pages have working images yet.
  20. Hello! As of recently I've been on the look out for free to use resources for a hack that I've been working on lately. While looking for character mugs, I saw a several different people mentioning that NICKT released a download with many different free to use resources a little while back. Although while searching for them, I came up with nothing. I got in contact with NICKT to ask about them, but he said that he no longer had them due to a hard-drive failure not too long ago, and that my best bet was to see if anyone had downloaded them previously that could share them again. And so I ask, if anyone happens to have these resources, could you please share them below?
  21. I was testing out some weapons earlier, when I was reminded how the convoy differs in FE7 than FE8 (or any other FE, as far as I'm aware). I looked through Nightmare to see if there was a class option to change my lord character convoy access/ability to send excess items to convoy, but I didn't see anything. Is there a way to give other characters Merlinus' properties of being able to access the convoy, as well as letting items be sent to the convoy when an inventory is full?
  22. Thanks for linking me to the tutorial! It defiantly looks like a process to get working, but I'll just have to see what I can do. From what I could figure out from searching around, the Shadow Dragon GUI is free to use, so I'll try using that. Thanks again!
  23. Hello! :) I was wondering if someone could point me to a guide or tutorial on how to change the in-battle GUI for a FE7 hack? Also, if there are any available, could you also please point me to any existing free to use GUI's? Thanks
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