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  1. Recently this link is no longer working properly for me. https://serenesforest.net/awakening/characters/maximum-stats/complete/ I have been using it for the past week to help me plan a head in the game and now nothing is working. I have used both different browsers and computers and still nothing please fix soon.
  2. Still kinda new to Awakening what is galeforce also for Asset i was going for luck to help my armsthrift or speed and flaw magic since really don't need it for a axe weilder what do you all think *Gives Jacksepticeye high five* We're awesome*facepalms* i double posted *I cry every time*
  3. I know it is wishful thinking on my part but I wish we could choose our own colors for like the armor and Wyvern(getting tired of it only being blue)
  4. Alright I got my first 3DS in January 2015 but didn't really know there was a Fire Emblem game for it until April. Now I love the Fire Emblem Series and decided to do Research about Awakening and was surprised not only chould I create a Avatar of me but I also had the ability to become any class of male (No Pegasus Knight I Cry Every Time!). So on my Birthday May 23 I got it. Had to restart the first time cause I went straight to hard mode not knowing there was less Exp, the second time I played on classic and went into the dlc R&R 3 for the Limit Breaker skill (I was pretty high level and was like on Chapter 12) Long story short all my people Died/Retired. So I want to restart with a Wyvern Rider/Lord as my final class I know I am using Iote's Shield, Limit Breaker, and Armsthrift for 3 of my skills but I want to know what you all think my last 2 should be.
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