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  1. SSB4: Marth, Pit, and Ness. Luigi, ZSS, Shiek, WFT and Game & Watch are secondaries. I'm decent with everybody though, except for bowser and dedede
  2. what in the name of fresh fuck is even going on here it looks like they shat her out of a 9 year olds' deviant art imo
  3. goddammit, translators, hurry up!! I don't care about english voice acting anymore all i need is the game ;-; also, leon looks freaking insane like chill
  4. but what about when it gets released in the west? will it be N3DS excluive, then?
  5. like on twitch or livestream or something? I just want to see the game because i can't import it ;-;
  6. I meant that the beginning of aqua's song plays for like 2 seconds around the middle-ish before looping regularly again. it IS a different song, just with that little theme in it for a short time.
  7. "this time, the character you create will be the main character" ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) i still don't get why its aqua and not kamui
  8. I mean like on the website you hear a song that's most likely the "avatar creation" music and after awhile a melody plays that sounds exactly the same as the beginning of her song in the "Choose Your Path" trailer and since "Id" was a recurring song in Awakening that had different versions, will this one be as well?
  9. yeah!! i'd love to see characters who are ace! they need a little bit more representation than gay/bi/etc. characters imo (they could've made lon'qu ace, but nooooo)
  10. If there is a Lucina/Owain situation, then yeah but that'll probably be it (and dialogue changes too but w/e)
  11. again, she might be a dual version character (like cyrus!) because she definitely looks like a Nohrian.
  12. Yeah, she's probably just a dual version character. (or an ally character? she DID look kinda green.) :^/
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