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  1. Draft Attempt 2: Electric Boogaloo Units: Oscar, Rhys, Nephenee, Astrid, Stefan, Devdan, Tauroneo Prologue: 4 Turns/4 Total Prologue is prologue, standard stuff. Ike: 2 Chapter 1: 3 Turns/7 Total Got the Seraph Robe and the Steel Sword, Titania grabbed the boss kill. Was hoping Oscar could shave off a turn but I couldn't figure a way to do that. Ike: 3 Titania: -/1 Oscar: 3 Chapter 2: 4 Turns/11 Total Titania grabs the boss kill per usual. Oscar heads north to clean up everyone there while Ike holds off the axemen until Titania shows up to save the day. Ike: 4 Titania: -/1 Oscar: 4 Chapter 3: 4 Turns/15 Total This one was pretty frustrating. Missing the Hand Axe is the reason I reset my first run. 3 Turns plus Hand Axe is theoretically possible but I'm not resetting for a 2% crit. Titania charges the ship and gets hand axe and boss kill . Ike drops his sword and face tanks, distracting the Bandits from Gatrie who is carrying Shinon. Ike also uses the Seraph Robe (would've been helpful to have already used it but oh well). Miss the Elixir. Ike: 5 Titania: -/2 Oscar: 4 Chapter 4: 2 Turns/17 Total Praise the lord for Titania. Hand Axe means I can reliably kill the boss on turn two without resetting for a crit. Ike: 5 Titania: -/2 Oscar: 4 Rhys: 4 Chapter 5: 6 Turns/23 Total Defend map/Defend map. Titania manages to find a window to run out and murder the boss. Ike: 7 Titania: -/3 Oscar: 7 Rhys: 4 Chapter 6: 6 Turns/29 Total God I hate this map. I'm sure there's an optimal strategy that I'm missing or something. But I can't for the life of me figure it out. Ike having the Seraph Robe is a godsend, my last run he died on this map. Over. And over. And over. Titania carries Ike down to the Escape point and murders the boss. Oscar stays at the top and keeps enemies from following her. Rhys heals Oscar from the brush. Ike: 7 Titania: -/4 Oscar: 8 Rhys: 5 Chapter 7: 7 Turns/36 Total This one is also a pain. Titania has to get over the the left side of the map asap, both because she's the only unit who can kill the knights in a timely fashion and to protect Shinon and Gatrie from seeing combat. Ike follows her on her journey left to clean up the reinforcements, while Oscar escorts the undrafted units/Rhys up and right before linking up with Ike to finish off stragglers. Another map I'm sure is possible in at least one less turn but was waaay too much work. Titania got the boss kill and Oscar grabbed Miracle, other than that left the chests untouched. Ike: 9 Titania: -/5 Oscar: 10 Rhys: 6 Chapter 8: 8 Turns/44 Total Defend map/Defend map. BEXP time: Rhys gets his +4.xx while Ike and Oscar cap off their levels. Ike and Oscar support. Rhys gets Miracle and Ashera Icon. Ike goes left, recruits Ilyana for that nice expensive Thunder Magic. Titania rips through the enemy lines and grabs the boss kill. Ike: 13 Titania: -/6 Oscar: 13 Rhys: 11 Chatper 9: 5 Turns/49 Total 50 BEXP to the boys, noone levels though. Titania and RHys support. Titania carries Ike down to the Seize point. In a pleasant break from tradition, Oscar gets the boss kill! Ike: 14 Titania: -/7 Oscar: 15 Rhys: 12 Chapter 10: 4 Turns/53 Total 50 BEXP to the team, Oscar gets a level from it. Titania ferries Ike to the Escape point and murders some watchmen for their keys. Got all the keys and none of the chests. Brom and Kieran die in prison =(. Nephenee recruited! Ike: 14 Titania: -/7 Oscar: 17 Rhys: 12 Nephenee: 7 Chapter 11: 5 Turns/58 Total Nephenee gets BEXP'd up 10. Everyone else gets their 50, with Ike leveling up. Ike and Titania support. Ike runs up and right, unceremoniously cuts down Zihark and grabs the Killer Lance. Nephenee runs down and left and grabs the dracoshield. Titania and Oscar charge up the middle, with Titania bee-lining the objective while Oscar provides tech support in the form of lances to the face, most notably to the boss. Two bosses in a row for Oscar! Ike: 16 Titania: -/8 Oscar: 19 Rhys: 13 Nephenee: 11 Chapter 12: 8 Turns/66 Total My kingdom for a flyer. Oh well, can't be helped. Everyone gets their 50 BEXP, and Rhys levels up from it, as well as using the Dracoshield. Oscar gets boss kill, promotes and I choose Swords for some reason. Ike: 17 Titania: -/8 Oscar: 20/1 Rhys: 13 Nephenee: 13 Chapter 13: 7 Turns/73 Total 50 BEXP to everyone, no levels. Rhys uses the Seraph Robe and Secret Book looted from the crows last chapter. Oscar got the boss kill and I recruited Astrid despite her best efforts to die. She also recruited Gatrie on the last turn because everyone on my team uses lances! Ike: 19 Titania: -/9 Oscar: 20/3 Rhys: 15 Nephenee: 14 Astrid: 3 Chapter 14: 3 Turns/76 Total Astrid gets her +5.xx BEXP all the way to level 9! Everyone else gets 50, causing Rhys to level up. Rhys gets Speedwing. Oscar rushes the boss and kills him on turn 3 with a turn-saving crit. He's really replaced Titania in "Boss kill is mine" role. Titania grabs the Spirit Dust In other news, Ike hit 20. Ike: 20 Titania: -/9 Oscar: 20/4 Rhys: 16 Nephenee: 15 Astrid: 10 Chapter 15: 5 Turns/81 Total/Rhys Ex Machina This is it. The test. The level I have built my entire early game around. Everyone gets 50 BEXP, causing Rhys and Oscar to level up. Rhys then gets the Master Seal, Flare and Spirit Dust. I forge him a lightened light tome that his dainty form can carry. Also it has +4 Mt and +9 crit, so that's cool. Lethe ventures west to recruit Stefan, and somehow manages to avoid combat thanks to the efforts of Nephenee and her shoving master Ike. Sothe skirts the edges of combat and picks up Boots, Shine and Physic. Most admirably, Rhys ventures out directly into combat (with the Laguzgaurd of course) and solos his way to the boss. Could've brought down Muarim in 4 turns or 3 with a lucky crit, but needed to recruit Stefan. Titania Astrid and Oscar wonder loudly why they even brought their horses, although Astrid's horse did manage to limp its way left enough to pick up two kills. Stefan recruited, Occult acquired! Ike: 20 Titania: -/9 Oscar: 20/5 Rhys: 17/3 Nephenee: 17 Astrid: 12 Stefan: -/8 Chapter 16: 6 Turns/87 Total 50 BEXP to the team. Nephenee, Rhys, Oscar and Astrid level up. Boots go to Supreme Commander Oscar so he can ferry puny horseless Ike across the battlefield. Could have finished in four turns but needed Devdan, got a chest key out of it because of the extra turns though. Oscar is back in the boss killing business. Ike: 20 Titania: -/9 Oscar: 20/7 Rhys: 17/4 Nephenee: 18 Astrid: 15 Stefan: -/8 Devdan: -/4 Chapter 17 Preparations Devdan gets his +1.xx BEXP to level -/6. Everyone else gets their 50. Oscar, Rhys, Nephenee and Stefan level up. That's where I left off! Kind of dreading 17 because no flyers = sad times but I'm looking forward to a promoted Ike! Also I've reached a point where it's very hard for any of my units to die, as Rhys is both an unkillable god and an incredible healer, and everyone else can at least pull their weight if not one-round most enemies.
  2. Good to see you're still going LordRuby! I was going to wait until I completed Chapter 17 to post an update but I guess I'll post one now, just to show y'all what I got.
  3. Alright everyone, good news and bad news. Good news: I finally got to play. Bad news: I screwed up and have to start over. Let me show you what I have logged: Prologue: 4/4 Standard stuff, Ike levels up etc etc Ike: 2 Chapter 1: 3/7 Oscar is very useful here but I can't shave a turn even with him Ike:3 Titania: --/1 Oscar: 3 Chapter 2: 4/11 Oscar goes north while Ike ventures east, then Titania shows up and wrecks face. Ike: 5 Titania: --/1 Oscar: 4 Rhys: 4 Chapter 3: 3/14 This is where I royally screwed up. In my efforts to 3-turn this map, I missed the Hand Axe. Titania solo'd the map of course, and I did get the Elixir (somehow) but I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the Hand Axe in 3 turns. Ike: 5 Titania: --/2 Oscar: 4 Rhys: 4 Chapter 4: 3/17 This is where I started to realize getting the Hand Axe was worth the turn. A 2-turn is possible but Titania needs to crit the boss when she attacks him. I must have reset this map at least 20 times until I gave up and settled for 3 turns. Hand Axe would've made this much easier. Ike: 6 Titania: --/2 Oscar: 4 Rhys: 4 Chapter 5: 6/23 Defend/Defend Titania picks up the boss kill on a random crit (wasn't resetting for it either, just managed to get lucky) Ike: 7 Titania: --/3 Oscar: 6 Rhys: 4 Chapter 6: Didn't complete the map, and I'm starting over now. I'm fairly certain a 4-turn is possible (especially with Oscar) but I can't cut it down to less than 6. Even giving Titania the Javelin doesn't cut it, as Javelin just narrowly misses out on kills that the Hand Axe would get, as well as depriving Oscar of the Javelin. Splart: how did you manage a 3-turn on chapter 3 AND pick up the Hand Axe without Shinon or Gatrie? I can't for the life of me figure it out.
  4. All of your accounts are so interesting to read! Unfortunately I won't have time to start until next week :/ going home to visit the fam this weekend. I'm gonna spend all weekend daydreaming about starting my run >_> KP I really feel your chapter 7 struggle. It's too late now, but remember you can always use a unit you didn't draft at a 4-turn-per-unit-per-chapter penalty. I'm going to have to do this with Lethe on chapter 15 so I can recruit Stefan, for example.
  5. Don;t know if you've checked already, but it's thoroughly explained here: http://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/general/fixed-mode/ The bands don't really make much of a change, but they're nice to have. Knight Ward is ridiculous though. EDIT: I didn't mention this in the rules and there's no way to enforce it, but I'd prefer if people didn't manipulate the BEXP. if you want to give BEXP to units, please give it all at once, and remember the BEXP rules given at the beginning!
  6. Noooo Gatrie! I'll take Stefan though, he seems pretty good
  7. Sorry everyone, I was out on errands =/ I'll take Haar!
  8. Aw I really wanted Ilyana... but I also really want Nephenee, so it all works out!
  9. Astrid for me! Love me some Paragon =)
  10. Nooooooo whyyyyyy I wanted a horsebird :((((( I guess I can settle for Oscar though. You're up LordRuby34! Two picks for you!
  11. So I assigned each team a number: Teams: 1. AgrusKos 2. SwordofAeons 3. KP 2010 4. LordRuby34 5. splart Random.org gave me this: There were 5 items in your list. Here they are in random order: 3 2 5 1 4 Here is the draft order: 1. KP 2010 2. SwordofAeons 3. splart 4. AgrusKos 5. LordRuby34 That means you're up KP2010! I've added a Units Available section in the top post that I will update as people draft. If y'all could pm the next person after you draft if they don't draft for more than an hour, that would be great too! EDIT: I'm assuming we won't begin drafting tonight since KP2010 has probably gone to sleep, but be sure to check back tomorrow!
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