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  1. Had high expectations for the Whitewings and for Sonia... no disappointment here! They all look gorgeous! (Hopefully we get to see Mathilda soon?)
  2. The point-and-click village exploration reminded me of investigations in Ace Attorney. I definitely didn't expect them to go this route, but I don't mind as long as dungeons are more fleshed out.
  3. I usually do my pre-ordering close to release, so not yet, but I definitely will.
  4. Currently playing it and I'm in the middle of chapter 4 now. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would, though there are definitely quite a few things that could use some improvement. I like most of the unique mechanics though and I'm glad they seem to be keeping my favourites in the remake, like the HP-costing spells.
  5. When I saw that giveaway... I have absolutely no expectations, but it's probably my last chance at ever getting that SE. I do wonder what that "skills" question that Canadian winners have to answer is, though. What does that even mean?
  6. Well, there's a very detailed breakdown you can read about here: (x) Really, the biggest difference is Henry being turned into a comic relief character, and the sort of impression he gives off due to this change. Ehh, I wouldn't call him genuinely insane. He only tried to kill the dog in order to prevent it from suffering prolonged pain before dying. A quick death was better than eventual starvation (due to the broken leg), in his mind. After Olivia says she'll heal it, Henry immediately offers to help. He says, roughly: "I thought that [death] was its natural fate. But if it can get help, it's not its time yet. If it can come back from the brink of death, nothing could be better~! Isn't that right, Barky? It's good to be saved~" source: (x)
  7. In this one instance, I think there is a legitimate excuse for that change. "Marx" is spoken with two consonants in Japan, which creates lip syncing issues in cutscenes. Xander, while silly, matches the lip flapping.
  8. Yeah, there's been a lot of conflicting information going around... But I do hope that those S-support rumors are false either way, because ugh. *shivers*
  9. Yeah, it's kinda ehhh... I would have been perfectly fine not getting hitched with any of them, and I was fully prepared for it too...
  10. Well, based on this, I'm assuming that
  11. ... holy hell, man. that would be one heck of a plot twist for something that seems like it's barely a sub plot in the grand scheme of things...
  12. Based on this: http://tiramochi.tumblr.com/post/122318873729/zero-m-kamui-s-support I think it would be safe to say they're unique supports? (Not sure exactly what the source of this is, but here's hoping)
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