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  1. Well, I'm finally back here! Sorry, I've been working on my own game (RPG Maker), playing other stuff. Glad it seems the project is still alive, somewhat. I kinda revived it.
  2. Oh dang. I'm sorry I've been away for so long. I wish I'd seen the rapport convos thingy sooner. Oh well. How's the story going? I'm assuming not much was going to change for the chapters pre act 2? (From Prologue to Castle defense is what I mean by that). If it was though, there was something on one of Mangs's videos on the Patch 1.4 playthrough regarding Kadven on the fifth video.
  3. Looks amazing as always. Get hyyyyype!
  4. Good to hear about progress, just checkin' in!
  5. I'd love for a Manakete Lord to just purely have a Dragonstone, but as they go on their adventure (maybe trying to make sure their race doesn't die out) they collect more and more dragonstones for more weapons. (y'know, of Manaketes that have passed) I would rather they be Dragonstone locked, as well. Dragonstone imbued with Wind Effectiveness, Flame Burst Dragonstone (2-3 range but weak damage), more defensive Dragonstone, ETC But yes, weapon-locked units, with the exception of mounts (if any in the past or future) should always have something that makes them "better" or gives them an advantage over the mounted ones. Odds are, if a Swordmaster and Paladin fight, the Paladin would probably win, right? Well, that critical rate AND speed Swordmasters often get (or swordusers in general) could make them "better". As a series enforces rules and constants in the community (such as winged units weak to bows, swords "better" than axes, typically wanting to hit mages with physical weapons and vice versa), it becomes harder to have any more differences, or units to serve different niches. It's kinda what I've been feeling with Pokemon. I mean, I have nothing against the new ones (most of them, except the uglies, are fine or awesome), but they will eventually run out of type combinations. And then what? Keep introducing more types? I guess... but eventually there will be Pokemon who already fill their bulky or speedy Fire type niche, and other with the slow and strong Ghost type niche and the slow and strong Ghost/X other type. There are only so many variables, in both Pokemon and Fire Emblem, and other series, before they run out of "characters" to fill out new niches, until it becomes obvious there is simply a better option, IE: Sandslash and Donphan apparently for Pokemon. The two are the same pure Ground type, yet Donphan is superior to Sandslash in just about every possible statistical way, except by speed slightly. So what, you want a slightly faster Pokemon, but it wouldn't be able to take hits or dish out as much damage? Sure, pick your favourite, but... There is only so much Fire Emblem can do to try to change, and I hope they execute it well in the next game.
  6. My friend and I had an idea where the main character was a mage of sorts, and they were... I guess an anti hero. Our idea was that halfway, there was a route split where they would either continue to be a jerk and Dark mage, (dark path) or repent and become a Light mage (light path), and this would change your allies' class changes if they were to change after the switch. (Woo change three times) We thought it was cool. Oh, and this wouldn't be a MU, they'd have their own personality. I LOVE all of those. And yeah I want them to keep their colour pallettes if they class change. It bothers me how Effie doesn't keep her pink armor after becoming a Great Knight but she does with a Paladin (I think) But yes everything you put there was good. I don't mind if characters have a few tropes (everyone even us are kinda tropey) but they can't be defined by tropes. That's not good. I'd love to see a character who likes weapons and enjoys fighting but doesn't want to kill (is that too complicated?) or someone who is afraid of horses but rides them anyway because its faster to ride. I dunno, little quirks like that. I'm not good at explaining. X.X Supports should only be dictated by the ingame relation ship, like I said in my own list; bring back people already married please - except for some exceptions - IE; even if they don't know each other, if their personalities and traits (note TRAITS not trait) work well together or conflict well. ---- I guess this is something less of a requirement but I want to see more spins on the archetypes. Even if I am getting tired of them, I wouldn't mind it if they switch it up like they made Ninjas the Cain and Abel of Fates if they're GOING to add archetypes again. Like, an old Mage for the Jagen or Oifey. Cain and Abel; one male and other female. Maybe swordsmen foot units for Cain and Abel? Spear Fighter Navarre, with Killer Lance of course. Pegasus/Wyvern or Mage duo as Arran and Samson. Dual Camus. Maybe siblings or great friends, or even past rivals.
  7. Multiple factions. X Vs. X Vs. X instead of Player and Allies vs. Red or Player vs. Red and Red. A... different art direction. SOmeone who gives the characters battle appropriate armor. Sure the silly or sexy designs may distract your enemies, but... really it's not practical. A pseudo version of My Castle. Every few chapters, you're allowed to return to camp for your supplies, think like - Ch. 7 > Camp > Ch. 8 > Ch. 9 > Ch. 10 > Camp It would still have you be at least a little more thoughtful on what you get because you wouldn't know when your next break would be (unless you looked up a walkthrough). I think it'd be interesting because then "This is going to be a big battle. We have to prepare" will also still work, because you may go like four or five chapters without more resources. Bring back "talking to NPCs in the middle of the battle". If Iremember right, Fates pretty much gave you everyone. Bring Personal Skills into the next FE, and TRY not to have too many ones that are similar to Fates', or have any ones that are basically the same (unless characters are meant to be opposites, friends, ETC think Rose's Thorns and Lily's Poise.) Remove children if they are going to be alongside the first generation. I am someone who loves most of the kids, but in Fates you can't deny they were just shoe horned in for the people who liked them in Awakening (come on, I played Awakening for my first FE). I don't mind the kids, but they really didn't need to be in Fates at all. Why couldn't they just be other characters? Why not characters already born? OR if they won't remove kids, then do it like FE4 (Genalogy of the Holy War) with generations across the entire game, using the Lover system. This mixed with the Support system (ehhh get rid of it, cuz no more kids. Just have people already wed please; like Pent and Louise) But yeah, this generational system mixed with Fates gameplay, like the way they let characters have dual hits if they were next to each other, would be cool. AND AND AND, if children could inherit Personal skills, like I mention in the above mini paragraph, this would fit even better. Well... That's all my ideas.
  8. If you would care to do one more (it's fine if you don't want to - it's a lot of work for all of these) This is my PMU Corrin - "Bob". She ended up becoming a Strategist, so a mounted sorceror. I don't mind if it is in colour or not, because again that'd be a lot of work if you'd want to do this one. :D I don't mind about the pose either, but maybe in the Strategist clothes? :O I know how it feels to work as an artist - except I can't draw, only write.
  9. Another mage, wooooo! Mages - mages - mages - they are my favourite thing.
  10. I have actually created a Takumi X Kaden support, but not a lot of people seemed to like it, even though I did my best on it. Maybe you could improve it...? I know the text is super big but they're pictures and I didn't want to redo it all again...
  11. I feel like no skills should completely negate damage. That would just let you be completely immune to enemies, including bosses that use swords. (and no, giving them a skill that lets them bypass that immunity wouldn't fix it either lol) But yeah, Counter already has a place. Very few skills should be combined skills, and quite frankly, I believe should be reserved for special units who cannot be easily replaced. But, more on the "Killing Blow" skill, that doesn't sound too bad for finishing off enemies. Probably wouldn't be balanced unless on a unit who sucks at fighting sorta, and squishy. That sounds like the only decent skill where it makes you invulnerable. You'd still be putting your other units at risk. -------------------- Misc. (Mini)bosses? Sora (no not that Sora) Wing Warrior*Renamed Myrmidon/Swordmaster: Innate weakness to Bows A mysterious warrior who has mastered the arts of composure. Skills: Aegis, Certain Blow, Climb HP: 33 Str: 17 Skill: 14 Spd: 11 Luck: 0 Def: 15 Res: 12 Inventory: Runesword/Windsword? Eh, either something special like that from your list of weapons in the doc or something else. Hakai Wyvern Rider/Dracoknight Skills: Vengeance, Resolve HP: 29 Str: 10 Skill: 11 Spd: 9 Luck: 0 Def: 11 Res: 13 Inventory: Spear/Brave Lance
  12. Weapons Dark tomes that deal Anima damage? (WTA to Light tomes?) Spirit Flame- Decent Mt: 8-10. Hit 60-70%? 1-2 Rng. Decently high Wt. Moderate uses. + 3 Spd for Wielder. Phantom Bolt- Decent Mt: 8-10. Hit 60-70%? 2-3 Rng. Decently high Wt. Low uses. + 3 Def for Wielder. Ghost Rain- Decent Mt: 8-10. Hit 50-60%? 3-7 Rng. Heavy Wt. Low uses. + 3 Res for Wielder. --------------- Morningstar: An "axe" that has a chance to reduce a foe's MOV to 0 for one turn. Small bonus crit chance and fairly low Mt: 4-7. Fairly poor hit chance, and fairly heavy. 16-20 Uses. (I say 16 because it does seem a little TOO good) Flail: A "lance" that has a chance to reduce a foe's MOV to 0 for one turn. Small bonus crit chance and fairly low Mt, fairly poor hit chance and fairly heavy. 16-20 Uses. Spatha: A sword that has a chance to reduce a foe's MOV to 0 for one turn. Small bonus crit chance and fairly low Mt, fairly poor hit chance adn fairly heavy. 16-20 Uses. Obviously the ideal chance for the 0 MOV would be very low. ------------ Skills: Gladiator Instinct: +10 hit, +2 Atk, -2 Def when Unit is taking part in an arena. (Or maybe some other two buffs and one debuff?) Indolence/Respite: If there are no other Units within 5 spaces, + Sleep status for one turn next turn and (either) full HP restore/+2 to all battle stats. (Or maybe some stat + slight heal hybrid?
  13. Conquest chapter 25 is the hardest chapter in the entire game. No question about it (at least in my opinion). That chapter alone makes me never want to replay Conquest. Birthright's hardest chapter? Ehhh... you could say chapter 23 and 24, but reinforcements aren't much fun... Revelation's hardest chapter was... in my opinion is the Endgame. All other "hard/difficult" ones were just trolly, or tedious.
  14. Sweet. For some reason, Rouille strikes me to use a Pupil map sprite but normal Mage battle sprite. I dunno. What do you think? And I think (s)he [i haven't decided, up to you?] could feasibly work with the same mug, but MAYBE slightly altered. Like maybe there's a boss version and a playable version? [even for just a chapter, which would be neat.] that might be interesting.
  15. I hope Vanaheimr and Valhalla are still in! Love those sprite(s/edits) by the by. First one ["mage"] is my favourite, because... my personal mage bias! Hurray Misc. (mini) bosses! Rouille A spellcasting scoundrel. Also known as "The Ghost Mage". Mage Skills: Chilling Wind, Ethereal HP: 19 Mag: 15 Skill: 5 Spd: 12 Luck: 1 Def: 14 Res: 19 Inventory: Elfire, Red gem --------- Lancia A chilling sorceror. Nicknamed "The Winter Witch/Wizard" Sage Skills: Immobolize HP: 37 Mag: 18 Skill: 13 Spd: 10 Luck: 0 Def: 19 Res: 16 Inventory: Fimbulvetr, Entrap/Silence --------- Notte Knows sheer force above anything else. Dangerous and cruel. Assassin Skills: Frenzy HP: 31/27 Str: 15/11 Skill: 7/10 Spd: 16/19 Luck: 0 Def: 10/11 Res: 9/12 Inventory: Brave Sword/Dancing Edge --------------------------- Map concepts: Plateau map Partially takes place on a cliff, partially on bridge(s). Infantry, some flyer enemies. FoW catacombs Mainly skeletons and Revenant, occasional other monsters. Forlorn temple? Not many enemies, but they are very strong. (Maybe defeat all bosses?) --------------------------------
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