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  1. Oh boy I'm gonna cherry pick the characters when most aren't even that bad but hey gotta add those points cause I like to bitch hug this game sure hates women.
  2. Yea Aqua is pretty much Lady of the lake/ Love interest.
  3. I have a love/hate with Aqua She is my waifu but she did some dumb stuff in the story.
  4. This will do ten years Yûsuke KOZAKI officiates as character designer, especially in the field of gaming. His approach is both rigorous and personal: "Generally, when I am asked to create a character, you quickly give me his style and character. So I designed the office, and I fit the character's story with his character, adding details as I see fit, while remaining in line with requirements. However, I am concerned only with the creation of the character, not the animation or the setup. " He also participated in some anime and is also the author of several manga, whose excellent Kyoko Karasuma or Tokyo Karasu , his most recent work: "I'd rather three. Whatever the type of media, I especially love creating characters, we put them a voice, let them be living " . This did not prevent him from giving life to turn the characters of their choice by participating in dojinshi these fanzines amateurs, sometimes semi-pro. This method of publication is so successful in Japan a monumental convention is held twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight , the Comic Market (or Comiket ). KOZAKI explains that "This is an opportunity to meet the fans (which is not possible when I worked for a publisher), and it allows me to publish things that I would not normally published. Outside the Comiket, it also has events organized there when a new game comes out, but it is especially Twitter allows me to be in contact with my fans. " Example of creating, in the video game world on the franchise Tekken 7 with Lucky Chloe : "For this she was asked to integrate the most of otaku culture. So I suggested a woman with cat ears and legs, a music helmet, and who fights by capoeira. The welcome was rather cold in America, too. I was commissioned an otaku, I did, but not thinking about what qu'aimeraient Americans. However, it turns out that she is strong enough in the game, then I say they do not perhaps appreciate that a character representing this facet of Japanese culture is so strong. " KOZAKI was finally showing of Under The Dog , an anime funded by crowdfunding , a method that seems more and more widespread in the environment. It's actually an original script written in 1997 by Jiro Ishii , the producer of Canaan . It speaks of an intervention developed by the United Nations force to deal with a group of leaders of terrorist attacks during the Tokyo Olympics of 2020. In this case, Under The Dog stands out from the rest its route through its participation as a character designer and mecha designer, particularly in contrast with his performance for Fire Emblem , where his mission was limited to draw the protagonists without creating armor. Branded scarlet emblemFire Emblem is a saga RPG tactical turn-by-turn taking place in a medieval fantasy universe. It is the flagship of the license development studio Intelligent Systems , whose last game date Fire Emblem Fates , is the fourteenth installment. In his career, the license overnight occupies a prominent place in the career KOZAKI when it becomes the official designer thirteenth character pane, Fire Emblem Awakening , in 2012. He also participated in the latest installment to date, Fire Emblem Fates . "Faced with the multitude of characters that I was asked to create, I was very surprised! It made ​​me literally breath away! (Laughs) I also create a lot of new character classes for this album, which I decided to give a touch of Japanese tradition, which is close to my heart. However, it's not because I've been working on this game that I can not enjoy it, it's rather the opposite; I can really invest myself in the characters that I created myself. In addition, the gameplay is really fun and easy to learn, I like it a lot! " But can we still be surprised when we drew all the characters in a game? KOZAKI explains that he often "to find the items I had planned, and not just on Fire Emblem, d 'elsewhere. But I marvel sometimes seeing evolve the characters I created, or discovering new scenario elements and discovering the impact this has on their personality. " Anyway, the adventure is not ready to stop for Yûsuke KOZAKI , since it does not cache still have many projects in sight: "I work in particular still on Tokyo Karasu , including a large volume is scheduled for next autumn. " This series for the less fantastic, which revolves around a specialized club urban legends, is not available for the moment in France, but in the near future, who knows? - See more at: http://www.journaldujapon.com/2015/07/28/interview-yusuke-kozaki-et-le-chara-design-creer-et-regarder-vivre/#sthash.9UWmfuFh.dpuf
  5. Feudal Lords who have taken advantage of Mikoto's death could of worked.
  6. Ok so lets ignore all the sexualizing of men, what about the super fit guys in FE I'll tell you I wish I was muscle lad, I've heard alot of women in my life my say some of the lewdist statements I've ever heard and also for your last one I'm not really being persistent I'm just responding to people in a very civil manner such as I'm to you.
  7. For those who haven't read the interview.
  8. I'm not cause you guys are making a big deal over how a bunch of fictional characters are dressed in a game cause in the end its a game but please tell me what I'm missing because I'm willing to hear you out.
  9. It's the truth alot of them don't care. You can't objectify fictional characters as they are in fact fictional characters and btw don't go assuming that all the Japanese who like the designs are otakus.
  10. People forget that IS are Japanese so they really don't share the same values alot of people in this thread seem to not understand that the main fanbase is surprise surprise is in Japan and the people there have very different values then here in NA or wherever else , the Japanese players don't mind the designs in fact alot of them love them so IS will pander to their main player base that being their Japanese one that's how it works with alot of Japan made games like it or not that's how things work.
  11. A lot of Tumblr is over sensitive about everything they lack perspective about stuff cause they don't realize not everyone thinks in there line of thought granted that could be said for everyone, but the way they go about it most of the time is very poor and grade school like.
  12. So everyone is ignoring Owian in fates ?
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