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  1. Just remember this website is one part of the fandom. there are people on reddit and people on twitter too, both more active than this site. Voting for Chrom
  2. Smash 64 Pokemon Jigglypuff (Removed) Mewtwo (Added) Smash Melee Fire Emblem Roy (Removed) Eliwood (Added) They should have made Sword of Seals localized Smash Brawl Earthbound Lucas (Removed) Paula (Added) Reason we couldn't even play Earthbound 3 until 2015 we still could even get earthbound 2 untill 2013 Tripping Mechanic (Removed) Smash 4 Legend of Zelda Sheik (Removed) Impa (Added) At the time of skyward sword her popularity was growing, and hyrule warriors proved that they could make her stand out, zelda and sheik are already the same person . Fire Emblem Robin (Removed) Lucina (Removed) Chrom (Added with a unique moveset) That way awakening has only one representative veterans and casual FE fans are satisfied. (Remember I am trying to simulate going back in time, which means I'm going back to 2014 where Lucina and Robin arent as popular as they are now) Dark Pit (Removed) Hades or Medusa (Added) Sakurai what where you thinking!? Smash Ultimate Castlevania Ricther (Removed) Its too soon for Simon to get an echo, that being said I think the game needs only one Belmont representative at the moment. Dracula or Alucard (Added)
  3. I'm glad Chrom is finally in the game. Wow it's been four long years since that disgusting robin reveal trailer (sry robin). I really means a lot to me finally having him in this game. My faith in Sakurai is restored.
  4. Sounds Like FE:A I personally prefer the Nohr route
  5. I'll pick the adult build for Kamui I'll give his original hairstyle him dark blue hair... And I'm going to name him...Bob
  6. I really don't see it. BUT HE LOOKS AWESOME NONETHELESS!!
  7. At least she doesn't wear a pot on his head.
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