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  1. Glad to see my girl Mia get in the top 20, literally best PoR/RD girl plus my Awakening wifey making it so high is also good. Seeing Haar in top 20 as well is really good. He needs his RD RNG to activate and somehow win. Also it's time to make this canon in FEH:
  2. It honestly doesn't matter who wins these ballots. Because people will complain once they see their Weapons/Skill Sets
  3. I had to use all my willpower not to make one full of waifus That's why I made a seperate one for that
  4. I have a lot more than this, mostly because I'm too lazy to make it myself but hey what can I do
  5. I'm happy that my favorite red haired Pegasus Knights made it in. Now if a certain red haired, twin-tailed, tsundere would make it in I'd be ecstatic. (Get the hint?)
  6. By the looks of things it looks like it will succeed.
  7. Here's the official picture of the Collector's (Limited? Special? One of those words) and it has the amiibo logo on the box itself. http://
  8. They're expecting way too much. Everything can't be packed like Dynasty Warriors 8/Samurai Warriors 4/Warriors Orochi 3 in the first iteration. In my opinion at lest.
  9. People were complaining about the gameplay even before this trailer showed up. I just think that some are still angry about the roster but want to find another excuse to hate on the game. That's at least what it seemed like on the Youtube comments and GameFAQs forums anyway. Please don't go to the GameFAQs forums it's just as bad or very much worse than the Youtube comments
  10. It was kind of obvious ever since they announced Female Robin
  11. I would love to see Navarre, Ogma, and Minerva in the game. Navarre to fill the Myrmidon slot that is, somehow, still open. (Plus I can see him having Zhou Tai-like attacks and that's one of my favorite characters to play in Dynasty Warriors). Ogma for a slow but powerful moveset. And Minerva because she's a top tier waifu there needs to be more wyvern riders in the game, even though I'm fine with just Camilla. If I had my way I would add Lynde and Wolf as well just because of personal bias. But I know that won't happen.
  12. Ah. So it's like Pirate Warriors with Non Playable boss characters or is he just in cutscenes?
  13. Not fully. Just a very VERY brief mention at E3.
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