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  1. After a couple years, I decided to try my hand at splicing again, so I am posting what I make here. Fire Emblem Splices HOI4 Style 2020 Presidential Election portraits
  2. What about PS now, the service that streams a bunch of PS3 games?
  3. Just a concept for what I written above from paint.
  4. Yeah and also the gameplay unlike SMR, don't really need to be simplified to much. The controls could be: two buttons in the bottom right, the left would be brakes and the right would be acceleration. On the bottom left, would be drifting/tricks and items. Turning would be done by tilting. Please tell me if I forgot something.
  5. The FTP mechanics could already be used with karts like in MK7 and 8. All they would have to do just put it into a lootbox or something.
  6. Which game did weapons the best. This includes the inventory system.(SoV only having 1 slot.), Durability and how they are used(Arts, bow ranges...)
  7. I meant there is two modes Classic with turnwheel Super hard core Ironman resetless mode
  8. What if, In classic, when the game detects that someone is going to die (or just at the end of the turn) , the game saves over their death, and if your lord dies the entire play though is deleted. Causal mode would just be the Echoes's classic mode without the saving from above but with the turn wheel. Do you think this is a good idea?
  9. 1.Anything’s fine. 2. No 3. Keep all the characters( Corrin doesn’t get a fatal disease in chapter 1) you can add some. Keep it as a SRPG and I am fine. Then keep it here.
  10. Let's face it the 3 3ds stories all have had debatable quality. Awakening was bland and had as much plot holes as Swiss cheese. Fates is a mess at best with MORE plot holes than Swiss cheese. Celica was dumb and Rudolf's plan is insane. So... What if they didn't turn out like this, what if YOU wrote the story? What would change what would remain the same? I am also putting up all answers on a poll to decide what rewrite is the best. Good luck! No you don't get a prize. I'll make a rewrite later. EDIT: Is this a creative thread?
  11. 1. You forgot Tiki but I get your point 2. chill
  12. So the fan base doesn't have to kill each other? YET
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