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  1. Jusup1

    OST Help

    its map c3 I think it also plays on chapter 27 of invisible kingdom
  2. Jusup1

    OST Help

    you can find it on youtube https://youtu.be/EmQEo4xWoAo
  3. Jusup1

    OST Help

    Thank you SOOOO much I love this ost to death! Its so good!
  4. So on a thread a while back I asked if anyone could help me find the battle for the strongest royal dlc music but no one replied so I thought Id ask again. The only version I can find is where the map version and the ablaze version play at the same time. But I can't find a version of the music where the ablaze version plays on it own. Can anyone help me? Pretty please?
  5. does anyone know where to get the ablaze version of the music that plays in this map. It also plays in the battle for the strongest royal dlc. I love it and the only links I can find is where It plays alongside the regular theme and not on its own. If anyone can find it I'd really appreciate it :)
  6. I'm gonna ask again because I'm very desperate. Does anyone know where to find the battle for the strongest royal battle theme?
  7. Does anyone have the battle for the strongest royal music? I know the map theme is identical to paradise scramble but the battle theme has guitar mixed in with it and it sounds incredible.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find it? I know its very similar to paradise scramble but I prefer this due to the guitar in the battle theme.
  9. Map C1 is by far my favorite map theme in the entire game. Thank you so much!
  10. you are a god thank you so much! Would it be too much to ask for the map c1 battle theme with the map theme removed?
  11. what I don't get is why the map and battle themes always play alongside each other when they're ripped from the game yet in game when you enter battle the map theme is somehow filtered out so its just the battle theme playing. Its really annoying because I can never find the battle themes without the map themes playing over them.
  12. I don't think anyone has uploaded it yet, but Im with you I ADORE THAT MUSIC
  13. +HP/-Luck is good as overall you have only -1 Luck and you also get +2 to Defense and Resistance
  14. sorry but he's just one of the several people uploading the map themes with the ablaze and calm versions combined
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