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  1. I have a question about paired endings. If Byleth doesn't marry anyone, will they automatically have en epilogue with the lord of the game (and rhea) ?
  2. I just really, really, really want to know what happened with Dimitri's eye.
  3. I usually play with male avatars, so M!Byleth for me. I had to learn how to like F!Byleth, tbh. Her design is ... terrible. (yes, everything that people already complained about - the funky leggings, belly showing, and in particular that weird accessory that connects her neck and chest... thank god for the Academy outfit). Not only that, but imo, the previous avatars felt unique from each other. In this case, it seems like they forgot to create F!Byleth at the last minute, so they just decide to grab M!Byleth's face, and then put bigger eyes and longer hair and call it a day. It threw me off a little bit, but nowadays I am cool with it, it was just that I was used for the avatars to look more different between each other, you know? I just fear that if we get another Fe game with an avatar, they will create another skimpy female version. For the supports... yeah, it sucks that you can't S support Dimitri and Claude as Bylad (like, come on, game, at least the lords!!!). But, if you don't count the students, Shamir and Catherine are great options.
  4. I just want to confirm... The 'easiest' way to recruit Ferdinand pre timeskip would be D+ heavy armor and his C support, right?
  5. Does anybody knows which characters from BE and GD aren't opposed to participate at the Heron Cup? I would like to choose characters that at least don't hate the idea..
  6. Are Dark Knight and Holy Knight locked on their respective weapon types, reason and faith? Or can I still use both types of magic?
  7. I am curious, if you play with F!Byleth, when you talk to the gatekeeper at the 'prom' month, what are the character options available? (BL route)
  8. I still don't understand how being bad in certain skills affect the gameplay. If a character is bad with lancers (and has no secret talent), what does that really mean?
  9. I thought a little bit about this and honestly? I am not buying a switch so soon. It's not even because I wanted a specific character since I would be playing Byleth as himself, not a self-insert (and I really like Byleth/Shamir atm), but because I just feel like it's unfair. I always play with male Avatars and Byleth would be no exception, but he certainly got the short end of the stick with the supports. I mean, if F!By can date the female lord, why can't M!By date the other two? Especially when he gets 2 less options. People like to say "well, at least (...)". I am tired of 'at leasts', why can't they do a good job for once? Basically I was so disappointed that I am feeling resentment towards this game and IS. Well, I said my piece. As I said at the beginning, I am not buying a switch just yet. I will wait for the switch Lite anyways (it is more my style) and wait for my salt to run over lol I will still keep up with the updates, you never know if things will change (although I am not getting my hopes up). At the end of the day, my only conclusion if that Male Byleth got a good design while Fem Byleth got good supports, you can't have both 😛
  10. For some comparison: I am at 1.388, with 141k points.
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