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  1. Soleil is on the throne and I can't get her off.EDIT: my Soleil OP and I got her.
  2. Rally bot Shigure? looking for strength, defense, res and magic.
  3. Does anybody have Swordbreaker on Elise?
  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. I'm bored and hungry.

    1. Jiac


      and literally 12 :^)

    2. Aikou


      die jiac lol

  7. I'm bored and hungry.

  8. I just revealed something that I regret revealing......

  9. Okay. So I decided since her Mag is significantly higher, then I'll go Sage or Vakyrie. Sage comes with Rally Mag and Tomefaire, and Valk comes with Rally Res and Dual Support+.
  10. Class: Dark Flier Lv: 6 HP: 49 Str: 19 Mag: 22 Skill: 22 Spd: 27 Lck: 30 Def: 14 Res: 20 Weapon Ranks: Lances and Tomes E Husband: Lon'qu Child: Owain Skills: Healtouch, Miracle, Rally Lck, Renewal, and Rally Mov. Also, how does having multiple Rallies work? I went Cleric 10>War Cleric 15> Dark Flier 6. I was thinking either Sage, Valk, or Falcoknight b/c they all have staves. I would choose which stat is higher, like Falcoknight is Str was higher than Mag, and Sage/Valkyrie if Mag was higher. But what about skills?
  11. I don't have Dread Fighter DLC It's fine, but I was thinking Myrmidon>Swordmaster 15>Trickster then maybe Sage if Mag was high enough
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