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  1. Everything is working great now, just completed the Hoshido side! Great work guys! Also, is anything translated for the neutral path or just the two main sides?
  2. Trying to launch it via browser just sends me back to the main menu with a message saying I need to update my firmware. If I try to start it via DS profile exploit I get sent back to the menu with an error and my 3DS restarts. Is there a different URL I should be using for the browser exploit? Apparently it doesn't work with the DS profile exploit according to the developer.
  3. I have an old 3DS on firmware 4.2 and a Gateway cart with emunand 10.1. I used 3DS Lazy to build ncchinfo.bin and generate xorpads (I don't understand the decrypt9 and rxtools stuff or if it's even necessary). I used them to try and patch BFZJ.3ds and got the error: Provided ROMFS or ROMFS Xorpad is invalid. Do I have to use Decrpyt9 and install RxTools together? I tried again with Decrpyt9 and couldn't really get anywhere. Got the ncchinfo.bin but couldn't launch Decrypt9's LAUNCHER.dat with the DS profile exploit or by going to http://go.gateway-3ds.com/ on the browser like I do for emuNAND. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Are there English subtitles for cutscenes or anything? Don't have the game yet but might import it soon.
  5. Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere. I'm completely new to this; what are the advantages and disadvantages of FEXP versus ROM hacking? Which games are commonly hacked (and which one has the most options available for modding) and why? Are there any other engines or tools to create an SRPG besides FEXP and ROM hacking? Thanks.
  6. I see your point Kuroi :P I don't want the entire thing spoiled, I just wanted to avoid a start where I would screw myself over late game through poor character choice, assuming that's a possibility in this game. Yoshi's advice was quite useful as well regarding parings as well.
  7. I'm going to be starting a blind Lunatic playthrough soon. I've played the first few chapters on hard before but that's about it. What are some important things to know (good characters, characters not to use, preferred supports, etc). Also what are the best stats for MU? I was thinking magic as strength just since that's my preferred weapon, but I heard DEF is better. And is there a consensus on what the best thing is to put for the worst stat? Thanks guys, I just don't want to get my run started with horrible decision making :P
  8. Sorry if this is common knowledge, I haven't seen much about it. What are the best 10 characters in terms of stats (assuming they are all maxed) and skills? I kind of want an unstoppable spot pass team but I'm also just curious.
  9. Eon

    Bloodlines (2.4)

    What's the expected release date for 1.4? I haven't played this hack yet and plan to wait until the latest patch so I don't miss out in anything.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I just turtled for way too long and didn't send my their far enough out to get a good line of site. Those dracoknights were obnoxious. I really liked that chapter anyway though it had a good difficulty level. It shouldn't be too hard on my second try now that I know what to expect though.
  11. I took my time near the end of Chapter 9B thinking I wouldn't game over automatically. RIP Renair :( on a side note, those are some great custom pictures you have for that scene.
  12. Eon

    Must Play Hacks?

    Really? There aren't any 100% complete projects? I at least thought The Last Promise was completely done. By completed though, I basically meant either full vanilla length or until the hack's story ended. No re skins though. On another note, I've heard a lot of complaints about The Last Promise regarding it's writing and game design later on. How bad does it get? Still worth investing time into? The story is quite important to me in FE games, otherwise I start losing motivation to keep playing chapters (especially ones that take a long time to beat).
  13. Eon

    Must Play Hacks?

    Is The Last Promise the only great completed hack?
  14. That's understandable, and perfectly fine. Either way I'm loving this hack and look forward to the next version! Will we be able to keep our saves .
  15. That's great to hear! When you get to the final arc (whenever that may be) you should make it something akin to Shadow Dragon's three or four star (not insane for some players, but a fair bit more challenging considering it's the final chapters). I'm just worried that by the end I'll have unstoppable units like in Awakening, Radiant Dawn, etc. I also heard that the current difficulty is meant to be hard to complete in few amounts of turns, but easy to beat otherwise. I take a lot of time in each chapter, which could be why I find it fairly straightforward. But I'm not a fan of self imposed limits to make things more challenging either. :/ P.S. I just finished chapter six. Where do you recommend going first?
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