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  1. Not super important and I'll recruit them either way, but if I could choose I guess boon would be Speed and bane would be Luck, and secondary class would be Dark Mage. I'd be super grateful if you could put up either of the units I want :^)
  2. Does anyone have Kana with Niles's hair color and/or Nina with Corrin's black hair color? Not really a skill but still looking to recruit
  3. Mozume Setsuna Hinoka Effie Luna I went with who I'm pairing them with in my main playthrough, except for Odin. I'm pairing him with Elise, but I'm not sure if I like the vibe the S-Support gives off. On the other hand, I loved his supports with Luna.
  4. Basically what the others said. I really hate how they did it in this game, would've actually just preferred if they threw the time-travel gimmick in again, to be honest. The explanation they gave was so weak, and it's really a shame because I love the children.
  5. The way Kamui fights with his sword is more like an acrobat who just likes to fling his sword all over the place than the way Mii Swordfighter fights, though. Though I'd like to see a Fates Mii outfit (or even better, an actual character) in the future, I can't really pinpoint a major character who'd fit the fighting style of the Mii Fighters. I guess Ryoma, Marx, or Leon would work well in Swordfighter? (Mii Brawler Charlotte would be perfect)
  6. Fire's always my first choice. I chose Chimchar in my first game (yes I started playing in 4th gen) and that's how it's been ever since. Since in 5th gen there was BW and B2W2, I wasn't gonna pick Tepig again, and chose Oshawott the second time. Honestly now that you've got me thinking about it, I do kinda like Water as a type better, but I don't wanna break my little tradition :P
  7. Jakob and Hana's supports...yikes. "I hate you, and you hate me, but let's get hitched" I really expected to dislike Charlotte, but nope, I actually like her. A lot of her supports are super cute, especially with Xander. Flannel's personality was also surprising, his looks made me think he'd be more serious, but all his supports are super cute and light-hearted. I actually expected to LIKE Pieri, but I ended up hating her and her needless murders (yes I saw her backstory) So I married her to Lazward (Zero's also a good option) since she stops killing those poor servants lol... Yuugiri and M!Kamui's supports give nice insight on her backstory, so she's more than just Sky MILF. Was very surprised by how non-obnoxious Luna was. I hated Severa with my whole heart. A lot of Jakob's supports end in disaster. and let's not even mention M!Kamui and Soleil supports, that caused a riot
  8. Not something I'll be using personally but, hey, why not? I voted good since this'll expand the fanbase, people will be able to start out using Phoenix and advance to Casual or even Classic. It also allows younger players to get into the series.
  9. Jakob/Flora and Crimson/Ryoma. Honestly I also wish they werent just kamuisexuals so we could fix that problem of missing out on a child if you marry a first gen female.
  10. I have them both in my signature, aha Name: Chris (dat my real name) Subclass: Dark Mage Asset: Speed Flaw: Luck Mode: Normal/Casual Path: Valla Waifu: Niles --- Name: Christina (genderbend name lol) Subclass: Dark Mage Asset: Speed Flaw: Luck Mode: Normal/Casual Path: Valla Waifu: Shiro
  11. I actually planned out all my marriages, this thread really helped with that, lol. My friends make fun of me because I plan almost everything in my playthroughs, but I just wanna be satisfied with the end result :P MU x Camilla (waifu af) Takumi x Oboro (this one was obvious, haven't even read the supports yet but it was the first pairing I knew I'd do) Subaki x Luna (wanted Luna to be Cordelia 2.0's mom, the fact that they had great supports was a bonus) Xander x Charlotte (Charlotte got her wish, cute supports) Flannel x Felicia (shame I used Felicia's glorious hair color on Velour but they had good supports though...) Lazward x Pieri (I honestly really dislike Pieri but the supports with Lazward gave insight to her backstory and weren't that bad sooo...) Saizou x Kagerou (they used to be lovers lol) Zero x Belka (both grew up in the slumps, had nice supports) Odin x Elise (the supports really weren't my favorites but Elise gives off a Lissa vibe and gives Ophelia a Lissa-like hair color so I'm down) Leo x Sakura (not the best supports but Sakura's hair and personality fits Foleo, plus I wanted at least one pairing between the two kingdoms' royal families) Asama x Effie Hinata x Hinoka Kaze x Nyx Ryoma x Rinkah Arthur x Setsuna Benoit x Mozume Nishiki x Azura (this was really only to have a transforming Shigure, and since Nishiki had better supports than Flannel, I chose him) Jakob x Orochi (this pairing along with Silas and Hana were just the left over characters) Silas x Hana Sad I had to miss out on Shara, but oh well. And second gen pairings are a fight for another day...
  12. whoops this is an accidental double-post
  13. Oh so it's just kamuisexuals, lol. strange but neat
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