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  1. I'm using: Chrom (Great Lord 11, Str/Skill/Spd/Lck maxed) (took him to Great Lord 15, then Paladin 15, then back to Great Lord) MU (Grandmaster 11, Str/Mag/Spd maxed) (took her to Grandmaster 15, then Sage 15, then back to Grandmaster) Lucina (Great Lord 11, Str/Skill/Spd/Lck/Def maxed) (took her to Great Lord 15, then Swordmaster 15, then back to Great Lord) Morgan (Grandmaster 10, Str/Mag/Skill maxed) (took him to Grandmaster 15, then Assassin 15, then back to Grandmaster) Laurent (Sage 1, Spd maxed) (took him to Sage 15, then Sorcerer 15, then back to Sage) Gerome (Wyvern Lord 4, Str maxed) (took him to Wyvern Lord 20, then back to 1) Yarne (Berserker 2, Skill maxed) (took him to Berserker 20, then back to 1) Owain (Swordmaster 1, Str/Lck maxed) (took him to Swordmaster 15, then Dread Fighter 30, then back to Swordmaster) Brady (Sorcerer 1, Lck maxed) (took him to Sage 16, then Great Knight 10, then Sage 10, then Sorcerer) Nah (Manakete 20, Skill maxed) (took her to Manakete 30, then back to 1) Cynthia (Falcon Knight 3, Spd maxed) (took her to Falcon Knight 20, then back to 1) Severa (Hero 11, Str maxed) (took her to Myrmidon 10, then Swordmaster 15, then Hero) Kjelle (General 1, Skill/Spd maxed) (took her to Mercenary 10, then Knight 10, then General 20, then back to 1) Noire (Bow Knight 8, Spd maxed) (took her to Sniper 15) Inigo (Hero 18) (took him to Myrmidon 10, then Mercenary 10) And then the rest are 1st gen characters, who are okay, but not as good. The only 1st gen with a maxed out stat is Cherche (Spd). Wow, that was a lot to type.
  2. So, I'm doing Priam's paralogue for the first time, and, uh, it hasn't gone well my first few attempts. Is there a good plan of attack I could use? I'm playing on Hard Classic.
  3. So, the only people left unpaired on my current file are a combination of Donnel, Vaike, Sully, and Nowi. I know that each possible combination is viable, but that's the main reason I'm indecisive. I'm not really concerned with Galeforce, so who should go with whom?
  4. I'm doing Gaius!Cynthia in my current file, and she's a somewhat fragile murder machine. She's really good.
  5. Sorry, forgot to mention I'm not using Kellam.
  6. Leftover dads are Libra, Ricken, Lon'qu, Gregor. Leftover moms are Panne, Tharja, Miriel, and Cherche.
  7. By Lissa, Maribelle, and Cordelia, respectively.
  8. Nope, they're all taken. Guess I'll switch Gregor and Lon'qu-- I was hoping to not do a second round of Lon'qu!Laurent.
  9. How workable is Lon'qu!Gerome? Gregor's already with Miriel, and Vaike's with Nowi.
  10. In that case, Czar, if Frederick wasn't paired with Cherche, what would your suggestions be?
  11. So, I beat the game for the first time a week ago, so now I'm trying a new run on hard with the goal of trying some new pairings. Currently, the ones I've decided on are Robin/Chrom, Sully/Vaike, Sumia/Gaius, Panne/Gregor, Cordelia/Stahl, Nowi/Donnel, and Cherche/Frederick. Those are set in stone. What isn't is the rest. The other ladies are unpaired, with the eligible bachelors being Virion, Ricken, Lon'qu, Libra, and Henry (Kellam is on his own). Now, I'm not concerned with galeforce, so who should I pair with whom for fun builds?
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