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  1. What part are you referring to? I’m trying to keep up with all the leaks, as I don’t care about being spoiled, but I don’t recall anything about these two.
  2. Does anyone have guesses on how the singer is in the main theme? I've been listening to it a lot and her voice is so pretty. But I am awful at voices and knowing who they are.
  3. Annette is super cute with her singing, Bernadetta is absolutely Retsuko.
  4. If we can romance the older units like teachers then Seteth or now seeing Jeriza most likely him if he’s an option. If only students then Felix.
  5. I get Conrad from him too. I don’t think he’s the Flame emperor I think he’s keeping his little sister safe from the Flame Emperor. I haven’t been keeping track but do who know why Mercedes’s family is now commoners in another country? If that’s correct I can’t recall. If not then Jeritza might be the cause so he’d hiding his identity to keep from ruining his family reputation even more.
  6. Has anyone posted a translation of her bio and dialogue? I rather not trust google translate.
  7. I love the PoR vibes I'm getting from this trailer with the dad at least, and while I'm disappointed that it's delayed again, but at least we have a solid date.
  8. Has anyone figured out who the other body Alfonse is standing over in the other image we had? From this trailer we know one has to be Sharena but the other is still a mystery. (At least I think so as I'm out of the loop)
  9. Lif is apparently the first king of Askr, I'm going to wager that Thrasir is the first queen of Embla. She looks like Veronica and the pose she's in is the same one as Veronica's.
  10. For the most part, Its I think you got it. It is visually appealing.
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