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  1. i love you and thanks for doing what i was too lazy to do
  2. i miss u natemare ur the best

  3. topic serenes forest peaked with that thread, iconic someone please help me find it again :<
  4. hey i notice that this poll doesn’t have an option for lucia, geoffrey, volke, and bastian, the only other characters deserving of a spot in FEH
  5. you deserve to be @‘ed, who hurt you mayo is only good if u spice it up into an aioli i wholeheartedly agree, it sounds gross on paper imo but it’s so good anyway, anything flavored by mushrooms or having some kind of onion on it is automatically the best. real mushrooms still blow tho
  6. agreed. abyssal princess was fucking dumb as hell, like i go through this every single time i fight a superboss in the etrian odyssey series, but abyssal princess is probably the second worst of the superbosses that i’ve fought against (behind abyssal god in 3) spastically speaking her stats are high enough that almost all of her attacks will one shot every non-heavy armor in the party, and any defensive countermeasure you can take against her gets cleared because her unholy light skill cleanses her and you oh and later in the fight she also reads your inputs so she’ll use her fast activation move to hit before a guard skill comes up. and her elemental pattern for attacks are random overall an unpleasant experience, i needed a lot of rng to beat this fight on heroic
  7. equating a nickname that was coined as a meme to annoy a generation that already did enough damage to the world to racial slurs tied to years upon years of social injustice and suffering is about the scummiest thing you can do, and really reflects the hypocrisy of the generation calling younger folks “sensitive.” you should not feel bad about using it, but instead bad for the poor old idiots that think this is a valid argument.
  8. im glad you thought i was talking about the fire emblem character
  9. have any of y’all played etrian odyssey nexus??? i want to complain since i’m done with the postgame
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