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  1. still got just 69 warn points, thanks for the update chief
  2. i didnt want to say it outright because i’ve only ever done like two ranked hard modes, but this is essentially what i was trying to get at ty for existing red fox i appreciate you
  3. there isn’t really a huge case for it, and that’s why you don’t hear it that much— priscilla covers all of the bases (heh) of a good unit: good growths, mobility, and she doesn’t rely on her initially low starting magic if you throw a mend staff her way, and even then the problem goes away quickly. when you’re playing the game for raw efficiency, healer stats dont matter because there whole purpose is to heal, and they can promote early to offset that kind of weakness even further. she also has the best affinity for supports in the game (anima), so like... at this point, what more could go for her? if you wanted to construct a case for her being a bad unit, you’d have to resort to combat arguments only, and even then she outgrows it with enough effort in short, there’s like almost no way to paint her as anything other than a stellar unit @Integrity i just effort posted on SF
  4. drakengard 3 and dmc2, easily. dmc2 was so boring it was actually painful to play the game sometimes conversely, last summer i beat dmc1 on dante must die mode and that was one of the most fun experiences i’ve ever had
  5. this wouldnt be hhh without the double posting and lag
  6. this wouldnt be hhh without the double posting and lag
  7. assault and battery ......... guilty of treason against the kingdom of grandbell. alvis for the throne! public disturbance
  8. man school sucks sorry for not keeping this updated did not pay back student loans arson possession of firearms without a license high treason i think we all know what crime(s) he committed jaywalking gut answer is arson, but bold of you to assume that any answer in this thread required thought look at the pins: oliver’s crime is that he is too sexy basilio operated an unlicensed medicinal marijuana shop
  9. also serial killing probably more but i’m trying to keep this thread pg-13
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