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  1. Does anybody else has problems with many of the supports on this patch? I tried to Support like this: Deke A Clarine B Lance A Lot B Deke None ot those work :-(
  2. Ahahah First I didn't want to read the support, but god damit I think it is ridicules yet hilarious. Yes the support is not really good and I saw this coming. That is exactly why I didn't like the idea of gay characters. I might as well make the best out of it XD
  3. You said virgins would vote No and prudes would vote Yes and you don't see any problem with this for a prudish virgin?
  4. Imagine a steetpass battle with uber units. They'd have like 80% guard chance or something +Lifesteal skill. God it would take forevaaa
  5. Nah, if your not paired up like in Awakening and your units are like you describe it is always in attack stance. However if you choose to pair up two units effectivly becoming one, they are on guard stance. Again you might remember FEA? Even though you didn't pair up two units you could still get a support attack by having them positioned like quote related. That is now called attack stance. Actually pairing up in FEA is now guard stance with the limitation to dual guard and no dual attack. Also guard stance negates any incoming dual attacks.
  6. But then how is the attack stance even relevant? You can still bait the AI one by one so there's no stance at all. And if there is a chokepoint you need very few pairups to negate the attack stances...
  7. I very much hope for this game to improve enemy AI. In past games the tactic 90% of the time was if your units were still weak: - bait as little enemies at possible and then murder them by overwhelming odds. if strong - do not give a fuck about the actually enemy units Now with the new pair up for enemy AI this could be subject to change. It is debatable as especially the attack stance for enemy units is just a joke with the old AI. The only way I can see this to be a factor is if there are just overwhelming numbers of enemies or there are a lot of chokepoints. Do you think the AI is actually intelegent enough to pair the best matches? Or do you think think guard stance pair ups are premade? Do you think enemies won't start attacking anything in range and much rather stay together for the attack stance?
  8. I still believe that Camilla is so scantily clad to distract her opponent and to use that to strike them down.
  9. Toyotomi Hideyoshi 1536-1598 "My life came like dew disappears like dew. All of Naniwa is dream after dream." Used as: "Your life came like dew disappears like dew." Now tell me this isn't fucking hilarious!
  10. ^As I see it he doesn't understand your reasoning. Maybe that's why he asked for it?!
  11. If you expect people to read and remember about your opinion in other threads, why even bother to post in this one to begin with? I kek'd
  12. There is a difference between offending somebody or taking offence to something.
  13. What about Japanese death poems: Autumn ends: frogs settle down into the earth. :^)
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