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  1. I barely post on here but I should try to once Fates comes to the States. FC: 1160-9748-6431 Quote me so I can add you. Don't be surprised by my Mii.
  2. Despite criticisms, I enjoyed the marriage mechanic but I want it to return to its presence in the character endings rather than gameplay itself. Some changes I would like to see are: Improved stories that focus less on demonic dragons hellbent on destryoing life as we know it and more political turmoil. Remove children if their involvement has no impact on the story. Awakening's DLC kind of made them tolerable but Fate's reason for them is laughable. More classes based on real-life empires such as the Ottomans or the Greeks. Fates kind of did this with Hoshido being based on Japan and Nohr's European vibe. Less emphasis on fanservice. We get it, your adoptive older sister is well endowed. I really don't need to watch multiple cutscenes reminding me of this. New objectives that focus on capturing a specific unit or stealing important documents.
  3. Favorite class in the series. I make it a personal goal of mine to field at least one of the available thieves in each of my runs.
  4. I'm guesstimating that the retainers range from 17 to their early 20s. Asama looks like he's among the oldest within this group.
  5. My only real complaint is the lack of footwear. It throws off the rest of the armor and looks very impractical. And I'm glad Adventurer is getting more love. I love their wacky design.
  6. Pulling that all nighter wasn't such a good idea after all... Should be good now.
  7. Aha! I knew I forgot something. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Much to my surprise, there wasn't a topic that really discussed this aspect of the new class designs. As the title states, pick the classes you believe are well designed, even if they aren't necessarily your favorite class in the game. The designs are based off of the generic portraits rather than the playable characters. Without further ado, here are some of mine: Nohr: Outlaw Hero Adventurer Mercenary Garou Maid/Butler Hoshido: Elite Ninja Puppeteer Trueblade Holy Lancer Nine-Tailed Fox Other: Dread Fighter Ballistician Vanguard Witch
  9. Is it possible to take accessories off of a captured unit. For example, if I capture an Adventurer, am I able to unequip his hat and give it to Kamui?
  10. I've never been a fan of Nendoroids but I might make an exception. I like the Fire Emblem he has.
  11. Favorite Classes: Thief- Colm (Stat/Character-wise) Mercenary/Hero- Gerik (Stat/Character-wise) Myrmidon- Rutger (Stat-wise) and Navarre (Character-wise)
  12. Could some one give me a quick rundown of the pros and cons of using Harold and Samurai!Odin on the Nohr route?
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