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  1. Summer will kill me.

    1. ___


      Hang in there!

  2. I saw a girl so cute I started crying.

  3. Fates! Fates! Fates! FATES!

  4. Fates is coming out tomorrow! I can't wait!

  5. Playing too many games. Only not because it's never too many.

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    2. Daiya


      By the way, did you ever get Fates?

    3. Yari


      Is it even out in Europe yet?

    4. Daiya


      What is this place you call "Europe"?

  6. One Punch Man is great and Saitama is my new husbando!

  7. *currently in a Jojo mood*

  8. Baras. Baras everywhere!

  9. Merry freaking Christmas everybody!

  10. It will be christmas in no time!

  11. Hoopa is so cute! <3

  12. Christmas is getting closer each day!

  13. Keep calm and murder your teacher. (But not really.)

  14. Candies and boobs.

  15. Yari

    You haven't been here in awhile. How are you? (It's Yari by the way.)

    1. Blitz


      yeah :(

      there was some net trouble and my net was disconnected for a while. Nothing happened to me though...

      so, how is it going with you?

  16. Happy birthday! *throws confetti*

  17. Chocolate ice cream is the best.

  18. Happy birthday Tris! *throws confetti*

    1. Starman



      Thank you, Yari!

  19. I've made a huge mistake.

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