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    Games, music, manga, comic books, anime, books and some other stuff. Should I put writing here? Because that's more a passion than an interest. Oh well! Writing too.
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    Baradise||Space||HHH thread||Skype||Portugal

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Hi. I normally go by Yari in the internet wich is Yaoi+Yuri. I have Asperger's and ADHD and I'm very awkward with social interactions because of that but if you want to talk to me go ahead because I like to meet new people.
I love music, reading, thinking, gaming and writting. Writing is my passion I always have ideas to write specially fanfics. I like writing nove lenght fics but I write short ones too.
I really like manga and anime but I normally like the manga more than the anime. I also tend to like the game of a anime more if they have one.
I wear glasses because I'm nearsighted and have astigmatism. I'll probably wear glasses all my life since I dislike contacts and I don't want to have eye surgery.
My favorite video games/video games series are: Ghost Trick: Phantom detective, Lunar Knights, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon, Professor Layton, Mario, Avalon Code, Persona series, Tales series, Drawn to Life, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and a lot more.
I'm a shipper. I ship whoever I want don't matter what i just ship.
Kellam is Awakening's best husbando!
Ryoma will forever be better than Marxander.
Fire Emblem is turning into Matchmaker Emblem.
I'm the ultimate yaoi, yuri and BeowolfxRackesis lover.
I love spoilers and often know everything about a game's story and characters before even geting to play it..
Also here's some Hectors! :Hector: :Hector: :Hector: :Hector: :Hector: :Hector: :Hector: :Hector: :Hector: :Hector:
Regal is officially my ToS husbando.
I like big muscular men!
Most of my games are in roms because I can't afford them in real life.

I am a very big fan of Dio Brando.

Saitama is the best!

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